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  • Spanish Pool Tile 110 (Code:00715)


    Spanish Pool Tile 110 (Code:00715)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 501 (Code:00716)


    Spanish Pool Tile 501 (Code:00716)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 508 (Code:00717)


    Spanish Pool Tile 508 (Code:00717)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 921 (Code:01560)


    Spanish Pool Tile 921 (Code:01560)

  • Spanish Pool tile 516 (Code:01937)


    Spanish Pool tile 516 (Code:01937)

  • Spanish Pool tile 3000 (Code:01939)


    Spanish Pool tile 3000 (Code:01939)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 551 (Code : 01147)


    Spanish Pool Tile 551 (Code : 01147)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 552 (Code : 01148)


    Spanish Pool Tile 552 (Code : 01148)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 555 (Code : 01149)


    Spanish Pool Tile 555 (Code : 01149)

  • Spanish Pool Tile 556 (Code : 01150)


    Spanish Pool Tile 556 (Code : 01150)

  • Spanish Pool tile Fusion Dark Blue (Code:01557)


    Spanish Pool tile Fusion Dark Blue (Code:01557)

  • Spanish Pool tile Fusion Light Blue (Code:01558)


    Spanish Pool tile Fusion Light Blue (Code:01558)

The Best Glass Pool Mosaic Tile Sales in Sydney

Get tiles online brings to you the finest quality pool tiles for sale in Australia. Our tiles are made from some of the best quality materials and comply with all the Australian Standards. Get tiles online is one of the leading suppliers of tiles. We have a wide range of tiles to meet the varied requirements of our customers. At Get tiles online, we make efforts in understanding the needs of our customers and offer products that are unmatched as well as exceptional.

Here are some of the striking features of our pool tiles for Sale:

  1. Non-Slip: Our pool tiles for sales are best suited for your pool areas and deck area because of its anti-slippery and non-slip features. They are non-slippery and prevent mishaps as well as accidents.
  2. Durable: Our Pool tiles have high endurance and can withstand daily wear & tear with ease. They do not chip, break, or crack. Their high durability and superior looks add more beauty to your swimming pool.
  3. Aesthetic Appearance: You can give the desired look to your pool with our exquisite pool tiles. These pool tiles are available in various designs, patterns, texture, and styles. You can choose the desired one based on your preferences and likes.
  4. Low Maintenance: These pool tiles do not demand heavy and constant maintenance. Once installed efficiently these tiles are expected to stay intact for years and years. They give a premium finish to your swimming pool and elevate its overall beauty.

Get tiles online has the widest collection of pool tiles in Australia. We are known for our superior quality products and reasonable pricing. All our products undergo three-level testing to ensure they meet all the Australian Quality Standards and meet the expectations of our esteemed clients and patrons.

Outdoor Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

Are you looking for the best glass mosaic pool tiles for your swimming pool? Are you not getting a reasonable price for your purchase? Get Tiles Online has the solution to all your problems. We offer a wide range of pool tiles like mosaic pool tiles on sale that are capable of withstanding extreme sunlight and changing temperatures. Our outdoor pool tiles are manufactured in a manner that they can bear the effect of several chemicals present in the swimming pool water. The tiles are designed to be well suited for long-term use, given their requirement to be in constant contact with water.

Our team presents all styles available in our tiles, including edges and steps, which are easy to maintain. They are carefully designed to avoid any kind of moss accumulation or germs. We give the first preference to maintain our clients’ hygiene and health in all the tiles that we procure.

What are the different types of tiles?

Mosaic pool tiles

Nowadays, mosaic pool tiles are being increasingly used to improve the aesthetical value of your swimming pool. A lot of designs and patterns are available for our clients to select from. We aim to provide a warm and safe floor which does not cause you to slip. Customer safety is a must for us.

Glass mosaic pool tiles

The outdoor pool tiles for sale also include another marvelous tile that is non-permeable and is resistant to chemical erosion. These are known as glass mosaic pool tiles and are fit for moisture-resistant surfaces. It is frost and UV proof too. Glass tiles last longer as compared to other tiles.

Why should you buy tiles from us?

  • We have contacts in around nine countries including China. This helps us bring a lot of variation in designs for your outdoor pool tiles.
  • We have a customer-oriented approach and supply the best mosaic pool tiles in Sydney.
  • We have completed all projects on time by giving a quality finish.
  • We believe in offering unique tile concepts for your walls, floors, etc. at a reasonable price.
  • Our pool tiles are suitable for heavy traffic and are low maintenance. We even provide a sample to our clients so that they can determine the quality of our product and how well fitting it is with our surrounding items.

Browse through our range of designer pool tiles for sale now!

Liven up your outdoor pool or spa with quality cheap tiles. Browse our complete range of cheap quality tiles online. Over 5000 products are available.


Are pool tiles the same as regular tile?

Although regular porcelain tiles can be used as pool tiles, most of well know pool tiles are glass mosaics which are durable for wear and tear, sunlight, chemicals and so on. The mosaic pool tiles available in Sydney have a specific chemical property that can withstand a constantly aquatic environment.

Can mosaic tiles be used in pools?

Outdoor pool tiles are mostly mosaic tiles to make it easy to tile along the curved shape of pools. They are made of different chemical compositions. These tiles are made in such a way that they withstand the external environment. Like sunlight, and an aquatic environment. Moreover, these mosaic tiles are of high durability.

How long does a tiled pool last?

The water chemistry and external weather determine the lifespan of the pool tiles. The high-end pool tiles last for a longer period too. Maintenance of your pool also plays a crucial role in this juncture.

How do I choose the pool tile colour?

There are many types of pool tiles available in Sydney. The glass mosaic pool tiles can be the best option. However, when it comes to mosaic tiles, the colour matters a lot. The pool’s ambience and depth factor are determined by colour. You can choose the light grey with a teal sheen for an elegant tint for the pool. Alternatively, you can choose darker shades of black and grey to establish depth too. Light or darker blues can also create a lovely aquatic feel to your pool.

What are coving tiles?

The coving tiles are the ones that are used in between the areas where two surfaces meet. They are used to prevent any leakage or moisture from entering the interiors. It is indeed a watertight transition tile that adds even surface any gaps for moisture, help ensure walls remain dry.

Do you supply TAC tiles in Sydney?

Tac tiles are special floor tiles with raised profile to provide indication and guidance for visually impaired. We are also the best TAC tiles suppliers. We suggest you connect with us to get the right quote to get TAC tiles.

Can you tile steps?

Regular porcelain tiles with step tread or natural stones can be tiled on steps. The durability and shine of step tiles are maintained in such a way that adds beauty to the whole area. The tiles are also so durable that it will last for a lifetime.

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