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Get Tiles Online is an online/offline store for porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles. Established in 2013 and we continue to improve our services for any size of project whether it is residential, commercial or architectural.

Indulge in the beauty of Travertine Look with an exquisite 3D texture, for a truly elevated design experience.

A quiet and refined aesthetic, our signature Stone Look Tile.

The epitome of refined luxury, the beginning of endless design possibilities.

Inspired by natural stone with sparkling minerals via 3D surface effect.

A classical allure of ancient Limestone, seamlessly blending with modern sophistication.

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    Get Tiles Online – Sydney’s Favourite Tile Outlet for Bathroom, Kitchen & Living – Wall and Floor Tiles in Australia.

    Buy from any city of Australia like Adelaide | Brisbane | Canberra | Gold Coast | Melbourne | Perth

    Get Tiles Online has a wide range of tiles and pavers in the Sydney area, made from only the highest quality materials. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction and our ability to provide any floor tiles customers may want, including concrete floor tiles.

    We have many different styles of large floor tiles, for many different styles of rooms including a kitchen floor tilesbathroom tiles, outdoor balcony tiles, fireplace tiles and pool area tiles. Our range of floor tiles in Sydney come in materials such as granite, marble, porcelain, concrete floor tiles, and limestone. We are the leading tile outlet in Sydney, perfect for clients looking for affordable and quality cheap tiles near me from a trusted tile outlet. Visit us online or at our shop in Sydney for more details.

    We are the cheapest tiles outlet in Sydney area. To ensure our customers are happy with our products, we offer free samples, quick delivery, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Although our store is a Sydney based and operated business, we import and supply cheap tiles from across the world, including Italy, Spain, China, Turkey, and more! We ship our products to all major cities in Australia like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Wollogong, Tiles Central Coast etc.

    Get the best quality tiles at low prices in Sydney | Melbourne | Canberra

    Our storehouse is full of different types of tiles in an exciting range of popular materials, such as marble, porcelain, limestone, granite and more. Our wide range gives you a variety of colours to choose from, so that you can best complement the look of your house or business. You can easily choose from our online categories of wall and floor tiles available across many Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. As well as all over the Gold Coast. We provide you with all the important details you need to make the right choice in this regard from the best tiles shops Sydney. You will get the best tiles for your renovation plans in Wollongong, Newcastle or other regions of Australia.

    We have different tile collections for you

    In addition to this, our collection of bathroom, kitchen, lounge, outdoor and other tiles offer you various designs of designer tiles at a very competitive price. From classic to modern styles, we have an outstandingly varied collection of products in our online tile store in Sydney, other major cities and on the Gold Coast. Customers usually prefer tiles that are easy to clean and look nice for their kitchen and bathroom. Keeping this in mind, our professional experts will guide you according to your preferences. We would be glad to suggest tiles that fit your application the best. So, whether it is bathroom, kitchen or outdoor tiles for your place in Newcastle or Wollongong, our team will suggest you the best options. You will get the best quality product at cheap rates from the leading tile outlet in Sydney.

    Why are we the best sellers of porcelain tiles in Sydney?

    • We have a huge collection of various tiles, in different finishes such as polished porcelain tiles, which we offer at cheap rates.
    • We always have offers and discounts on our products which you’ll not get from others.
    • We are punctual with our service. As soon as the order is placed, we make sure it gets delivered on time.
    • We assure you of the quality of the product which we offer, so you feel no qualms in buying tiles in Sydney.

    Our range of exceptional and affordable tiles are available in a range of sizes and styles, including additional and modern. Contact us today to claim your free sample or to order your quality tiles.

    Can I lay new tiles on my old tiled floors?

    Yes, you can. But there are several factors that you will need to consider. First, make sure that no underneath tiles are either broken, loose or uneven. Secondly, it will increase the height of the floor and door frames may need to be adjusted. The third thing that you must keep in mind is that if your old tiles are glazed, they will have to be roughened to provide a good grip to the new tiles.

    Also, before laying new tiles over your old floor tiles, measure the increased height of the floor. Add an extra 6-12mm to allow for the cement to the height of the tiles, and then check for the clearance of any doors.

    What are the different types of tiles used for flooring?

    Many types of floor tiles are used. Some of the types of tiles used include porcelain tiles, concrete look floor tiles, timber look outdoor tiles, travertine tiles, herringbone tiles kitchen etc. Beware, that these may not be suitable for use on walls. You can find all kinds of tiles at the tile shops Newcastle NSW.

    How to know which tiles are good for me?

    Any tile shop can help you with this. Get Tiles Online has trained staff and experience. We can make it easy to pick the tiles for you. From large floor tiles to small ones, from retro to contemporary, our tile shops have something for everyone. All you have to do is visit our tile outlets or contact us online.

    Why should I get floor tiles?

    There are many advantages of floor tiles. They are scratch resistant and long lasting. Hence are perfect for areas that see huge traffic. They are friendly to high heels as well. Floor tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean. They don’t carry dust mites and are hypo-allergic, hence safe for your family who may be allergic to pet hair. It makes it easy to remove.

    How can I make the room look spacious with tiles?

    To make a room look spacious, you can use large floor tiles. They will create an illusion of more space. Also, you will need less tiles since one piece will cover more area.

    Why is Get Tiles Online recommended?

    We have a wide variety of tiles and they are made only from the materials of the highest quality. We boast about the fact that we deliver a high level of customer satisfaction along with the good quality product. We can provide any tile to our customers, including the concrete look floor tiles across Australia.

    Can I buy from all states in Australia?

    Our tile outlet is in Sydney, however we deliver Australia wide; Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and to many other regions in Australia. You can order a free sample of the tiles to check the quality before buying them.