Travertine Tiles

Evoke Natural Beauty with Travertine Tiles – Capture the Warmth and Luxury of Travertine in Your Space. Explore a Range of Finishes and Patterns for Floors and Walls. Elevate Your Design with Earthy Elegance.


If you haven’t considered travertine tiles for your interior or exterior spaces, you’re missing out on one of the hottest trends in classic or modern home design. Not only are travertine tiles beautiful, but they’re also incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance compared to the natural stone travertine.

Get Tiles Online has a huge selection of travertine tiles to help you create the perfect outdoor space and pool area. Natural Travertine is an attractive type of limestone consisting of mineral deposits. This gives the travertine look tiles a distinctive appearance that you can’t find with other materials.

Travertine tiles will give your space a fresh atmosphere, while also being incredibly welcoming and warm.

Known for its attractive earth-tone colors and marble-like texture, the travertine look is ideal for transforming any outdoor space into an inviting oasis. You can choose from various sizes and styles to get a unique look.

How to choose the right Travertine Tiles

You’ll find different options when shopping for travertine tiles at Get Tiles Online. We understand that choosing the right one for your space may feel daunting, so our team will assist you.

A few pointers to keep in mind when selecting travertine tiles for your outdoor space or pool area:

Consider the size and shape of the travertine tile: The larger the tile, the fewer grout lines will be visible, giving your space a more polished look. However, you can also opt for a mixture of sizes and shapes to get an interesting pattern.

Consider the slip rate: The last thing you want is a slippery outdoor area or pool. Our Travertine Look Outdoor Tiles have a high slip rating with high levels of slip resistance.

Think about the finish: The finish of travertine tiles can vary from polished to matte. The polished ones are quite smooth and glossy, while the matte travertine tiles provide more grip. Select a finish depending on how much grip you want.

Go for the latest design: At Get Tiles Online, we’re always on our toes to bring you the latest travertine tile designs in Sydney. From travertine look paver to bullnose travertine, we’ve got designs that will help you create an eye-catching outdoor space.

Where can I use Travertine Tiles?

Our travertine tiles are most suitable for outdoor spaces and pool areas. You can use them on your garden pathways, deck, patio, and kitchen Tiles. They are perfect for pool coping, pool pavers, and tiling around the pool area.

Unique features of Travertine Tiles

Wondering why travertine tiles are an ideal option for outdoor spaces? Here are some of the top features of travertine tiles:

Durability and strength: Porcelain travertine tile is incredibly durable, making it perfect for outdoor spaces. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, water, and other environmental factors.

Aesthetic appeal: Travertine adds an elegant touch to any outdoor space. Its natural earth tones and marble-like texture give it a unique look.

A wide range of styles and colours: You can find travertine tiles in various styles and colours. This allows you to get creative and create visually appealing outdoor spaces.

Slip-resistant: Tiles designed for outdoor use with high slip-resistance are perfect for pool areas and other surfaces that may get wet.

Let Get Tiles Online help you create the perfect outdoor space with travertine tiles! Choose from our wide selection of travertine tiles and get ready to be impressed by their sophisticated style and durability. Shop now!

Elevate Your Poolside Experience With Travertine Pool Tiles

Choose travertine tiles to boldly match your pool’s aesthetic. You should use travertine tiles in your pool area because of their natural beauty, durability, and timeless appeal. Our collection of travertine pool tiles offers a breathtaking variety of alternatives for creating a luxurious retreat that will impress and delight you, whether starting from scratch with a new pool or remodelling an existing one.

Travertine, a variety of limestone, has a distinctive and alluring look. Thanks to the tiles’ unique designs and natural variations, your pool will have a unique, elegant appearance. Our travertine tiles for pools are available in a wide range of colours, from neutral, warm earth tones to more modern, greyl tones, so you can find the perfect one to suit your taste and the scenery around your home.

Travertine pool tiles are a great choice for pool areas because of their durability and attractive appearance. They are impervious to the damaging effects of water, chlorine, and ultraviolet rays because of their sturdy build. It ensures they will continue to look good and serve their purpose for many years, making them a great long-term investment. Travertine tiles for swimming pools have the added benefit of being comfortable to walk on, even in extreme heat.

Why Are We The Best Choice For Buying Travertine Tiles?

Our wide selection of travertine pool tiles allows you to coordinate the look of your outdoor space, from the modern floor tiles, grouting tiles, herringbone bathroom tiles to the cheap wall tiles, to the pool itself. Pathways, patios, and outdoor showers could all benefit from travertine tiles to create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing space. Installing travertine tiles will instantly elevate the look and feel of your pool area. Visit us today to view our gorgeous collection.

Especially porcelain travertine tiles are easy to maintain. They’re not just pretty to look at but also functional for making your time by the pool more enjoyable. In addition, travertine outdoor tiles ensure the safety of swimmers and guests because they are not slippery. Our staff can help you choose the tiles that will take your time by the pool to the next level of refinement and elegance.