Spanish Pool Tile GN201 (Code:02505)

$49.00 /m2


Material: 98% Recycled glass

Origin: Spain

Edge: Rounded edges provide a smooth and safe surface for swimming pleasure

Thickness: 4mm

Absorption: 0% Water absorption

Chip size: 25mm x 25mm

Sheet size: 467mm x 311mm


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Spanish Pool Tile GN201 (Code:02505)
Spanish Pool Tile GN201 (Code:02505) $49.00 /m2

Spanish Pool Tile GN201

Discover the Spanish Pool Tile GN201 – an exquisite fusion of elegance and practicality. Elevate your poolside oasis with its pristine white hue, adding a touch of sophistication. Meticulously crafted with a focus on quality and style, it brings the allure of Spanish design to your aquatic retreat. This eco-responsible pool tile from Spain is composed of 98% recycled glass, ensuring a secure and smooth swimming experience with rounded edges and a 4mm thickness. With a 0% water absorption rate, it excels in both durability and aesthetics, making it ideal for swimming pools and water lines. Dive into luxury with GN201.

Dot Mounted [Melting dot] System.

Installation & Care

Recommended Grout: Laticrete Epoxy Grout

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