Leyla Crete Pool Tile (code:02536)

$70.00 /m2

Material: Glass

Origin: Turkey

Edge: Rounded edges

Thickness: 5 mm

Chip size: 25mm x 25mm

Sheet size: 325mm x 515mm

Package: 2m2 (12 sheets) per box


Required Area (m2)

Required quantity:

Leyla Crete Pool Tile (code:02536) $70.00 /m2

Leyla Crete Pool Tile

Dive into elegance with Leyla Crete Pool Tile. This exquisite tile combines beauty and durability to elevate your poolside aesthetics. Leyla Crete is crafted with precision, ensuring both visual appeal and longevity. Its design is more than surface-deep, with a focus on safety—featuring smooth, rounded edges to protect swimmers from cuts and scratches. Choose Leyla Crete for a sophisticated pool tile that seamlessly blends style and safety, creating a timeless and inviting aquatic space.

Leyla Mosaic’s Silcon System is the result of three years of research and development and extensive analysis of failures of swimming pool tiling systems using the traditional paper face, clear film face, mesh backing, and dot mounting systems.

Our system gives the installer the ability to adhere at least 92% of the back of each mosaic to the surface to be tiled. Australian standards require a minimum of 90% coverage for swimming pools. No other non-paper/film-faced fixing system offers as much adhesive coverage as Leyla Mosaic – giving you peace of mind.  

Installation & Care

Recommended Grout: Laticrete Epoxy Grout
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