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  • Timber Floor Tiles

    My Oak Brown 200×1200 (Code:01695)


    My Oak Brown 200x1200 (Code:01695)

  • Spanish Timber Kera Taupe 230×1200 (Code:01889)


    Spanish Timber Kera Taupe 230x1200 (Code:01889)

  • Spanish Timber Kera Natural 230×1200 (Code:01890)


    Spanish Timber Kera Natural 230x1200 (Code:01890)

  • Spanish Timber Kera Haya 230×1200 (Code:01891)


    Spanish Timber Kera Haya 230x1200 (Code:01891)

  • Spanish Burwood Timber Gris 200×1140 (Code:02094)


    Spanish Burwood Timber Gris 200x1140 (Code:02094)

  • Spanish Timber Myrtle Grey 230×1200 (Code:01470)


    Spanish Timber Myrtle Grey 230×1200 (Code:01470)

  • Spanish Timber Kirribilli Haya Matt 200×1200 (Code:02300)


    Spanish Timber Kirribilli Haya Matt 200×1200 (Code:02300)

  • Spanish Timber Kirribilli White Matt 200×1200 (Code:02299)


    Spanish Timber Kirribilli White Matt 200×1200 (Code:02299)

  • Spanish Timber Kirribilli Natural Matt 200×1200 (Code:02301)


    Spanish Timber Kirribilli Natural Matt 200×1200 (Code:02301)

  • Spanish Timber Kirribilli Pearl Matt 200×1200 (Code:02409)


    Spanish Timber Kirribilli Pearl Matt 200×1200 (Code:02409)

  • Chatswood Smoke Timber Tile External 200×1200 (Code:02417)


    Chatswood Smoke Timber Tile External 200x1200 (Code:02417)

  • Artarmon Natural Timber Tile External 200×1200 (Code:02418)


    Artarmon Natural Timber Tile External 200x1200 (Code:02418)

  • Artarmon Grey Timber Tile External 200×1200 (Code:02419)


    Artarmon Grey Timber Tile External 200x1200 (Code:02419)

  • Arcade Mocha Timber Tile External 200×1200 (Code:02420)


    Arcade Mocha Timber Tile External 200x1200 (Code:02420)

  • AUS 21205 Timber Tile External 200×1200 (Code:02421)


    AUS 21205 Timber Tile External 200x1200 (Code:02421)

  • Spanish Oslo Haya Matt 200×1200 (Code: 02438)


    Spanish Oslo Haya Matt 200x1200 (Code: 02438)

  • Spanish Oslo Perla Matt 200×1200 (Code: 02439)


    Spanish Oslo Perla Matt 200x1200 (Code: 02439)

Timber Look Porcelain Floor Tiles

The timber tiles surprisingly give an authentic look and even feel, as natural texture and tone are added to this wood-look tile. Their ability to deal with water and the environment is much better than the natural timer without compromising the aesthetic and beauty of the natural timber.

Timber is a universal favourite in interior decorating, especially for walls and floors. But the concerns about sustainable sourcing are motivating architects, interior designers, and individual customers to consider more eco-friendly alternatives such as wood-look tiles in porcelain.

The traditional and timeless beauty of the timber floor and wall are hard to replicate with warm textures of hardwood and rich tones. However, the maintenance of timber has its challenges such as it’s not suitable for all environments and not fit for spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens where areas are exposed to moisture. Besides, hardwood floors need to be constantly secluded from spills, scuffs, and scratches.

Timber floor tiles are gaining popularity over the timber floor as a practical alternative. The timber floor tiles are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and variations.

Over a decade, timber tile made a soft entry in the market and gained wide acceptance due to low maintenance and longevity without compromising natural timber in design applications. Also, while most timber-look tiles are durable and fit in most of climate.

Its green quality makes it an all-time favourite as it conserves our precious environment by substituting precious timber used for interiors. They are relatively inexpensive, as compared to natural timber and easy to install.

If you love timber wood floors, but are worried about the price, resilience, and endurance, then do visit us to check our timber floor tiles for your indoor as well as an outdoor area with trending designs across the world.

Want the timber look but don’t want to use real wood? Browse our range of timber look tiles and get some quality cheap tiles for your renovations today.

Get Tiles Online is the name of substance in the tiles industry. Quality and variety are what Get Tiles Online is recognised for. Over the years we have indulged in creating good homes, brings our clients a warm and fresh feeling again and again. This is what makes us the first choice of the people.

Voguish or traditional, whatever look you want to create for your interior, timber look porcelain tiles are the best option for your design. Timber tiles are an excellent preference for your indoor or outdoor floors. They are more durable than natural timber in the rain!

Reasons to choose timber look tiles of Get Tiles Online :

Design for every house

Various designs of timber look porcelain tiles are available at Get Tiles Online. The texture and colour that match every interior and design choice are now within your reach. Use light colour timber floor tiles in the outdoor or indoor areas to create a space that looks larger. The use of dark timber floor tiles enhances the look of your house that is designed with light colours, making these walls pop.


Give an earthy look to your house with our timber look porcelain tiles. Timber or other real wood tiles need special care on a day to day basis. Timber look tiles create the same aura of a rich wood floor but save your energy and money on its upkeep.


The timber tiles can easily stan bare feet and high heel traffic. So, you can throw parties and enjoy dance and giggling of the kids running around without fear of any damage. Our timber porcelain tiles score best on the MOHS hardness scale.


The sponge-like structure of the tiles can damage your tiles over the period. The natural stone tiles like marble, limestone, and slate are more porous and need to be sealed before installation. Our Porcelains timber tiles are less porous, and more dense and making great floors in any area.


Looking for a contemporary look with earthy vibes? Money won’t be a constraint at Get Tiles Online, when you are looking to procure timber floor tiles. We have a variety of designs and textures that do not break your banks but will steal the heart of your family and friends.

No water damage

Moisture or water cannot spoil your Timber look tiles. The timber or wood tile needs special care from water and dampness. The timber tiles can be easily mopped with water and regular floor cleaners.

Scratch resistance

Good homes are the dream of every house owner. Feel free to call to reinvent your cozy space. Get Tiles Online will assist you in creating a vibrant and luxurious home, with a price that best fits your pocket. We are specialised in a wide range of tiles of natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic, etc.

Our professional advisor will guide you to make the opt decision of the tiles with the latest trends and fashion. We extend our services from planning to installation. Our fine feedback and after-sale service keep us ahead in the industry. Visit our website for attractive offers and deals to rejuvenate your home.


Are timber look tiles trendy?

Yes, timber look porcelain tiles are very stylish and trendy. They give more character to your space and blend perfectly with your interiors. They are a great choice if you want the look of timber in your bathroom or kitchen but want to make sure that they are easy to maintain and hygienic. Get Tiles Online has the largest collection of timber floor tiles.

How durable are porcelain tiles that look like wood?

Timber look porcelain tiles are sturdy and robust. Once installed properly these tiles do not demand any maintenance or repairs. Timber floor tiles are ideal for even heavy foot traffic areas. They are made from the finest quality material and can withstand the daily wear and tear.

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