Ezarri Cocktail Grasshopper Pool Tile (Code:00984)


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Origin: Spain

Material: Glass

Edge: Rounded edges provide a smooth and safe surface for swimming pleasure

Design: Dot Mounted [Melting dot] System

Thickness: 5mm

Mosaic size: 25mm x 25mm.

Sheet size: 495mm x 312mm.


Colours: Grasshopper

Ezarri Cocktail Grasshopper Pool Tile adds a splash of refreshing vibrancy to your poolside retreat. The Grasshopper design infuses playful green tones, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a summer cocktail. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Ezarri, renowned for precision and quality, these pool tiles not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure enduring durability. Immerse yourself in the lively charm of Ezarri Cocktail Grasshopper Pool Tile, where modern design meets the refreshing allure of vibrant green shades, transforming your pool into a spirited oasis of style and enjoyment.

[What is Dot-mounted system?]

This is dot mounted system which looks like each piece of mosaic has been stuck down together with liquid nails dots.

This allows over 90% coverage with pool safe adhesive [mesh system : 60-70%] and the mosaics to adapt to curved surfaces.

With technological precision and innovation:

– This system leaves 92% of the mosaic surface free for applying the adhesive, which means much greater durability.

– Its unique composition adapts to any curve or shape, ensuring maximum flexibility and strength. Working around obstacles is straightforward with the simple, easy-to-cut system.

– Its flexibility and adaptability make it extremely easy to install, saving up to 25% of installation time

– As it is not affected by moisture, there is no expansion, shrinkage or breakage.

Installation & Care

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