Ezarri Niebla 2586-B Pool Tile (Code:01542)



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Origin: Spain

Material: Glass

Edge: Rounded edges provide a smooth and safe surface for swimming pleasure

Thickness: 5mm

Mosaic size: 25mm x 25mm.

Sheet size: 495mm x 312mm.

Dot Mounted [Melting dot] System


Colours: Green
Ezarri Niebla 2586-B Pool Tile (Code:01542) $89.00

Ezarri Niebla 2586-B Pool Tile brings a refreshing touch of green to your pool, creating a vibrant and inviting ambiance. Dive into the lively tones of this tile, enhancing the visual appeal of your poolside retreat with a hint of natural

What is Dot-mounted system?

This system uses dots to stick each mosaic piece together, kind of like using liquid nails dots. This method allows for more than 90% coverage with a pool-safe adhesive, compared to a mesh system which typically achieves 60-70% coverage. Plus, it lets the mosaics easily adjust to curved surfaces.

With advanced technology and smart design:

– 92% of the mosaic’s surface is open for applying glue, which means much greater durability.

– The special material can bend and fit any curve area easily, ensuring it’s flexible and strong. Dealing with obstacles is simple with this easy-to-cut system.

– Super easy to install because it’s flexible and can adapt, saving up to 25% of installation time.

– It won’t be damaged by moisture, so there’s no need to worry about it expanding, shrinking, or breaking.

Installation & Care

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