Spanish Pool Tile Goby (Code:02502)

$69.00 /m2


Material: 98% Recycled glass

Origin: Spain

Edge: Rounded edges provide a smooth and safe surface for swimming pleasure

Thickness: 4mm

Absorption: 0% Water absorption

Chip size: 25mm x 25mm

Sheet size: 467mm x 311mm


Required quantity in sqm

Required quantity:

Spanish Pool Tile Goby (Code:02502)
Spanish Pool Tile Goby (Code:02502) $69.00 /m2

Spanish Pool Tile Goby

Sustainably enhance your pool with our Spanish pool tile, constructed from 98% recycled glass. Rounded edges provide safety and a smooth swim, and the 4mm thickness exhibits a remarkable 0% water absorption rate.

This Artisan-edge glass mosaic is made with recycled glass pieces and may include irregular edges, rustic appearances, minimal imperfections or slight variations in sizing and squareness. These characteristics are inherent to this product due to the manufacturing process. The slight size or shape variations may affect the grout joint appearance, further enhancing the natural aspect of this product. Use constitutes acceptance.

MAXIMUM GRIP SURFACE 92% of the mosaic’s surface is free for applying the adhesive.


Dot Mounted [Melting dot] System.

Installation & Care

Recommended Grout: Laticrete Epoxy Grout

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