Porcelain Pavers

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  • Travertine Silver Porcelain Bullnose 400×600 20mm (Code:02227)


    Travertine Silver Porcelain Bullnose 400x600 20mm (Code:02227)

  • Travertine Gris Porcelain Bullnose 400×600 20mm (Code:02229)


    Travertine Gris Porcelain Bullnose 400x600 20mm (Code:02229)

  • Travertine Ivory Porcelain Bullnose 400×600 20mm (Code:02231)


    Travertine Ivory Porcelain Bullnose 400x600 20mm (Code:02231)

  • Bluestone Porcelain Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:01772)


    Bluestone Porcelain Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:01772)

  • Travertine Silver Porcelain Paver 400×600 20mm (Code:02226)


    Travertine Silver Porcelain Paver 400x600 20mm (Code:02226)

  • Travertine Gris Porcelain Paver 400×600 20mm (Code:02228)


    Travertine Gris Porcelain Paver 400x600 20mm (Code:02228)

  • Travertine Ivory Porcelain Paver 400×600 20mm (Code:02230)


    Travertine Ivory Porcelain Paver 400x600 20mm (Code:02230)

  • Anz Sand Porcelain Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02232)


    Anz Sand Porcelain Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:02232)

  • Anz Moon Porcelain Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02233)


    Anz Moon Porcelain Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:02233)

  • Anz Cinder Porcelain Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02234)


    Anz Cinder Porcelain Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:02234)

  • Anz Coal Porcelain Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02235)


    Anz Coal Porcelain Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:02235)

Outdoor Porcelain Pavers Tiles

Adding porcelain paving blocks to your garden could be one of the most cost-effective techniques to beautify your garden in a short amount of time. Porcelain is an ideal material that just about provides everything that you need for an outdoor floor tile. It is sturdy, affordable, less maintenance, durable and beautiful. Outdoor Porcelain paving is increasingly being used by people in their porches, gardens, parking place and so on.

We bring to you some of the widest collection of porcelain paving tiles of various shapes and designs. Whatever finishing you have in mind for your garden paving, you are sure to find one in our collection. Right from modern sparkling porcelain paving tiles to traditional looking rustic wood-effect tiles, you are sure to find one tile that shall perfectly complement your outdoor space.

Some advantages of our outdoor porcelain paving are:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Low porosity ensures no water damage
  • Stain-proof
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Availability
  • Premium Design

You can mix and match various combinations of porcelain outdoor tiles to create any type of shape in your porch that complement your house. Installing Outdoor porcelain paving in your garden allows you to get an even and consistent finishing that few other tiles can offer.

You can create a marble effect, forest effect, fusion effect and so on, using a combination of greys, beiges, browns, etc. We also offer vitrified porcelain tiles for getting a premium look to your garden. Most of our outdoor porcelain paving has been designed with a focus on safety. All the outdoor paving that we supply is slip-resistant and does not crack easily.

All our porcelain tiles are sourced from leading suppliers that allow us to guarantee high quality at cheaper prices. We make buying outdoor porcelain paving extremely easy. You have to just choose a tile that you like online on our website.

Rejuvenate your outdoor or indoor space with our high quality range of cheap pavers. Large range of natural or porcelain pavers.

We are the best seller of Outdoor Paving Tiles in Sydney

Outdoor tiles are always in trend. You can make good use of them to enhance the look of your office or home. They create a unique ambience and feel in your space. They give a pleasant feeling when you see them, and as soon as you step on them. You can even create an impressive pattern by bringing different tile designs together.

Get Tiles Online deals in top-notch quality:

  1. Outdoor paving tiles
  2. Concrete look tiles
  3. Marble tiles
  4. Pool tiles
  5. Mosaic tiles

There are a lot of subcategories in outdoor tiles like Porcelain Pavers, Porcelain, Wall Cladding, and Natural Stone.

  • Bluestone look external tile

This product is great for your outdoor area and comprises of Bluestone look porcelain tile. The tiles have a thickness of about 20mm. The grout commonly recommended is Midnight. The tile size is 600×600.

  • Ivory travertine look external tile

These tiles have a high density that gives off a travertine look. These have a thickness of 20mm. Moreover, the tiles are suited for areas where a lot of gathering takes place, like swimming pools.

  • Silver travertine look porcelain tile

This product is similar to ivory travertine porcelain tiles. The specifications remain the same. Only the texture and colour of the tile is changed.

  • Concrete look tile

This is a high-density porcelain tile, having the thickness of 20mm. It is colour-bodied. This means that the colour is evenly spread throughout. The specifications are 600x600x20. There is a uniquely random design in every tile.

Outdoor paving tiles provide a great finish to your workplace. They are fit to be used even in lounge and pool surrounds. We supply and import the best tiles from around the world. Our tiles are of premium quality and will surely go well with all your terraces, floors, and walls. Our company is passionate in providing the best services to our clients. We have a lot of contacts in many countries, in order to do this.

Why should you get in touch with us?

  • We provide affordable outdoor porcelain paving tiles of the best quality.
  • We have a customer-oriented approach and have distinctive tile concepts to help.
  • We can supply a large number of tiles at a very economical price.

We offer a wide range of tiling products in Australia. Check out our latest collection of outdoor porcelain paving tiles and order now or call our executives today to get the latest deals and offers.


1: What does porcelain tile mean?

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile made from fine and dense clay. Polished porcelain tiles are very popular as they are tougher, scratch resistant and durable too. Porcelain tiles in Sydney are readily available and are cost effective as well.

2: What are the benefits of porcelain tile?

Some of the most popular benefits of porcelain tiles include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish designer appearance.
  • Highly durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for high traffic areas

3: Does a porcelain tile crack easily?

No, porcelain tiles do not crack easily. They are strong and highly durable. The dense composition strengthens the porcelain tiles and makes them resistant to moisture, fire, scratch and even stains.

4: How much does it cost to install a porcelain tile surface?

The cost of installation of the porcelain tile is not very high. An expert in this job can install the polished porcelain tile very easily. It does not require much time to efficiently install these tiles as they fit seamlessly. Handy DIY folk can do it themselves.

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