Anz Sand Porcelain Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02232)

$65.00 /m2


Material: Porcelain Paver

Design: Stone Look

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: External P5

Thickness: 20 mm

Package: 1box =  2 pcs (0.72m2)  

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Required Area (m2):

Required quantity:

Anz Sand Porcelain Paver 600x600 20mm (Code:02232) $65.00 /m2

Anz is a standout in our collection of stone-look tiles, known for its diverse size options. Its quiet and sophisticated aesthetic evokes a sense of elegant luxury. While it may seem unadorned when viewed from a distance, closer scrutiny reveals a wealth of artistry and lifelike details concealed within this tile design. Pencil edge available.

New surface technology enables the same tiles to be used inside and outside for continuous open space. It is smooth on dry touch but slip resistance of P4 when wet. It is perfect for living room and the same tiles flow to the outside balcony, porch and alfresco.

Note: Actual product colour may vary to the displayed image. Matching Paver and Pencil edge have different batches, they may have color variation.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation: Misty Grey