Anz Sand Coping Square Edge 397x600x20mm (Code:02510)

$55.00 /piece


Material: Porcelain Paver

Design: Stone Look

Edge: Rectified edge / Square Edge

Surface Texture: External P5

Thickness: 20 mm

Package: 1pcs – 397×600  


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Anz Sand Coping Square Edge 397x600x20mm (Code:02510) $55.00 /piece

Anz Sand Coping Square Edge 397x600x20mm

Anz is one of our most signature serieses of stone look tile with variable choices of sizes. “Steady and full of connotation”, a quiet appearance of Anz just creates a sense of comfortable extravagance. From a distance, you might perceive a lack of intricate patterns, but once you get closer, you’ll discover immense artistry and realism concealed within this tile design. From the perspective of its functionality, Anz adopted Coping Square Edge which can be used for all outdoor areas, specially pool coping, Matching Paver is available

Note: Actual product colour may vary to the displayed image.

* Matching Paver and Pencil edge have different batches, they may have color variation.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation : Misty Grey