Step & Coving Tiles

At Get Tiles Online, we offer a wide range of Step tiles in Australia. Our step tiles are made from some of the best quality material. Our range of Step tiles includes almost everything right from a complete piece of bullnose step tiles to vitrified step tread tiles. Read more



Step, Coving and Tac Tiles

Smart and safe Step Tiles
They are best suited for a conventional looking home as well as ultra-modern homes. They perfectly blend with your interiors and add more beauty to it. Now get the desired confidence in every step with these exceptionally beautiful and intricately designed Step Tiles.

Tac Tiles in Australia

Get Tiles Online is one of the leading tac tiles suppliers in Australia.

When it comes to the commercial building and requirement of Australian standard, Get Tiles Online is the one of the best tile suppliers with the right tac tiles.

Affordable Step, Coving, and Tac Tiles in Sydney

Get Tiles Online provides high-quality tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, and floors. We have a large variety of tiles like step tiles, outdoor pool tiles, Bathroom Floor Tiles, coving tiles, timber look tiles, travertine pool tiles, terrazzo outdoor tiles and much more for your home. You must choose tiles that are non-slip and therefore safe for you, especially in commonly wet areas. Our tiles are strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and are resistant to heat, frost, and fire.

What are coving tiles?

These tiles are made from the finest ceramic material. They are manufactured under expert supervision and are only approved after undergoing a quality check. We use high-end technology to produce the best variety of tiles. The main aim of coving tiles is to prevent moisture from entering between two surfaces. They even provide acid resistance. We have 8 products in our coving tile collection.

Step tiles

These tiles are created to cope with great loads and have good resistance to water. They are deep chamfered to make sure they are non-slip for your safety. We have distinctive designs and colours of step tiles that will improve the look of your stairs. It will add great aesthetic appeal to the location where it is installed.

Best Tac Tiles

These tiles are marked with slight bumps and ridges. These aid in providing directions to those who are visually impaired. These tiles can have offset blisters, across stripes, parallel blister lines, and much more that convey certain signs like the presence of train platforms, stairs, and road crossing respectively.

We have 3 products in this category which are Tactile Grey, Tactile Charcoal, and Tactile Ivory. Being tactile tile suppliers, we aim to supply the best quality tac tiles at affordable rates.

No compromise with quality

Our aim has always been to provide the best services to our clients and guarantee full customer satisfaction. Our tac tile suppliers focus only on supplying tried and trusted products. Our tiles are suitable for heavy water prone areas and possess high endurance. We constantly try to bring in the most modern and advanced types of products for our customers to enjoy.

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