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  • Ace Red Terracotta Bullnose/Coping 300×300 (Code:01924)


    Ace Red Terracotta Bullnose/Coping 300x300 (Code:01924)

  • Castle White External 450×450 (Code:02040)


    Castle White External 450x450 (Code:02040)

  • Castle Beige External 450×450 (Code:02045)


    Castle Beige External 450x450 (Code:02045)

  • Castle Ivory External 450×450 (Code:02044)


    Castle Ivory External 450x450 (Code:02044)

  • Sydney White External 500×500 (Code:02353)


    Sydney White External 500x500 (Code:02353)

  • Sorrento Ice Grey External Tile 400×400 (Code:02379)


    Sorrento Ice Grey External Tile 400x400 (Code:02379)

  • My Odessey Neutral Matt 300×600 (Code:01461)


    My Odessey Neutral Matt 300x600 (Code:01461)

  • Murano Beige External 300×600 (Code:02340)


    Murano Beige External 300x600 (Code:02340)

  • Lena Charcoal Matt 300×300 (Code:02317)


    Lena Charcoal Matt 300x300 (Code:02317)

  • Coogee Stone Neutral External 600×1200 (Code:02338)


    Coogee Stone Neutral External 600x1200 (Code:02338)

  • Coogee Stone Greige External 600×1200 (Code:02339)


    Coogee Stone Greige External 600x1200 (Code:02339)

  • Lena Grey Matt 300×300 (Code:02357)


    Lena Grey Matt 300x300 (Code:02357)

  • Bluestone External 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:01333)


    Bluestone External 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:01333)

  • Picasso Ash Grey Outdoor 300×600 (Code:01600)


    Picasso Ash Grey Outdoor 300x600 (Code:01600)

  • Cassio Dark Grey External 600×600 (Code:01698)


    Cassio Dark Grey External 600x600 (Code:01698)

  • Cassio Light Grey External 600×600 (Code:01699)


    Cassio Light Grey External 600x600 (Code:01699)

  • Cassio Neutral External 300×600 (Code:01700)


    Cassio Neutral External 300x600 (Code:01700)

  • Storm Black External 300×600 (Code:01950)


    Storm Black External 300x600 (Code:01950)

  • Storm Light Grey External 300×600 (Code:01951)


    Storm Light Grey External 300x600 (Code:01951)

  • Storm Dark Grey External 300×600 (Code:01952)


    Storm Dark Grey External 300x600 (Code:01952)

  • Sandstone Richmond External 300×600 (Code:02042)


    Sandstone Richmond External 300x600 (Code:02042)

  • Anz Moon Matt 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02283)


    Anz Moon Matt 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02283)

  • Anz Sand Matt 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02293)


    Anz Sand Matt 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02293)

  • Anz Cinder Matt 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02261)


    Anz Cinder Matt 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02261)

  • Anz Coal Matt 300×600/600×600 (Code:02356)


    Anz Coal Matt 300x600/600x600 (Code:02356)

  • Newport Ivory External Tile 600X600 (Code:02359)


    Newport Ivory External Tile 600X600 (Code:02359)

  • Newport Light Grey External Tile 600X600 (Code:02360)


    Newport Light Grey External Tile 600X600 (Code:02360)

  • Sandstone Grey 2.0 External 300×600 (Code: 2435)


    Sandstone Grey 2.0 External 300×600 (Code: 2435)

  • Sandstone Teakwood External 300×600 (Code: 2436)


    Sandstone Teakwood External 300×600 (Code: 2436)

  • Ella Bianco External 600×600 / 450×900 (Code : 02144)


    Ella Bianco External 600x600 / 450x900 (Code : 02144)

  • Ella Grigio External 600×600 (Code : 02145)


    Ella Grigio External 600x600 (Code : 02145)

  • Ace Red Terracotta 300×300 (Code:01923)


    Ace Red Terracotta 300x300 (Code:01923)

  • Travertine Silver Porcelain Bullnose 400×600 20mm (Code:02227)


    Travertine Silver Porcelain Bullnose 400x600 20mm (Code:02227)

  • Travertine Gris Porcelain Bullnose 400×600 20mm (Code:02229)


    Travertine Gris Porcelain Bullnose 400x600 20mm (Code:02229)

  • Travertine Ivory Porcelain Bullnose 400×600 20mm (Code:02231)


    Travertine Ivory Porcelain Bullnose 400x600 20mm (Code:02231)

  • Newport Grey External 300x600x20-30mm Drop Step (Code:02281)


    Newport Grey External 300x600x20-30mm Drop Step (Code:02281)

Non Slip Porcelain Tiles for Outdoors & Balcony

Buy Outdoor Floor Tiles at Cheap Prices in Sydney, Australia

Tiles are commonly used indoors, for rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. However, Get Tiles Online also has an extensive range of quality outdoor tiles, designed to withstand the weather conditions. Many outdoor areas can be tiled, including outdoor kitchens, alfresco, feature walls, pool areas, and more. If you are based in Sydney and are looking for quality outdoor tiles, then visit our warehouse today to view our extensive range of modern outdoor tiles. For people not located near Sydney, you can view our quality range online and can order a free sample to ensure the tile will match your designs and needs.

Get Tiles Online can help you discover all the finest choices in outdoor floor tiles from our range of imported tiles from countries including Spain, Italy, China, Turkey and more. When you need outdoor floor tiles that are durable, striking, high-quality, and affordable, contact Get Tiles Online. Although our tiles are affordable, they are not cheap and are made from only the best materials.

Outdoors is the most happening place in your home and the first impression one gets of your trendy house. It is the beginning of the story any visitor gets of your home. Your outdoors can easily reflect your personality. Such tiles that you can use to create an appealing space include:

  • Porcelain tiles
  • Natural stone tiles
  • Encaustic look tiles
  • Non slip tiles

A balcony or terrace is an elevated area in your outdoors and needs some extra care in your tile selection. The stylish and elegant range of terrace tiles that we offer are crafted to meet your needs. The slip-proof terrace tiles ensure your safety. Take a walk or enjoy rain showers without any fear of injury and live life to the fullest.

Get Tiles Online, Sydney a preferred tile destination:

Exclusive tiles for great outdoors

Create a warm corner outside your home and recreate yourself under the open sky. Get Tiles Online is the perfect choice for your outdoors. Who said tiles are not for your outdoors? Make your patio and balcony an entertaining hub with our extensive range of tiles suitable for outdoors, with hardwearing attributes and weather resistance. Enlarge your indoor by tiling both inside and outside with the tiles, for a seamlessly stately application throughout.

The Elegant Finishes Look

Our modern and concrete look outdoor tiles are not dull and lifeless, they upgrade the look and quality of the space. Our sandstone and porcelain floor tiles can deal with barefoot traffic, and the encaustic and mosaic designed tiles make the outdoors inviting. Outdoor alfresco tiles add a great sensation to your outdoors as well, at a cheap cost. Giving you all the reason to celebrate and considering tiling now.


Feel safe with our slip resistant tiles that give a great grip to walk or run on the tile flooring fearlessly.

Stand tough in any climate

The concrete look outdoor tiles are more exposed to extreme weather resulting in wear and tear of the outdoor floors and walls. Get Tiles Online, Sydney supplies tiles made of the natural stone such as sandstone, limestone, travertine, etc. that are not only tough but also slip-proof. Porcelain tiles create a great barrier to heat and moisture.

Clearance sale

The tiles with the exclusive range are available at a cheap price on our website. Plan your renovation of your outdoor space by availing the cheap prices at Get Tiles Online, Sydney in our closeout sale.

Express yourselves with Get Tiles Online, Sydney’s dynamic range of modern outdoor tiles.

Contact Get Tiles Online today, or visit us at our Sydney based warehouse, to order your quality tiles or to organise a free tile sample.


How thick should outdoor tile be?

Under ideal circumstances with concrete surface, your outdoor floor tiles can be 10 to 20 mm (millimetre) thick. Normally, indoor tiles require a thickness that ranges between 6 mm and 10 mm. The 20mm thick outdoor porcelain tiles are newly made and designed for exterior use in replacing of natural stone.

Which material is best to tile outside?

The outdoor porcelain tiles are said to be the best options that you have in this regard. You can easily have them in your patio or deck area. These are clay-based tiles and they are not porous. They can resist fading as well. It also helps that they are as durable as they are. Apart from these, you can also try the likes of wooden look tiles, concrete look and natural stones.

Do porcelain outdoor tiles chip easily?

The outdoor porcelain tiles are usually much denser than ceramic tiles. This means that they have a rather low rate of absorption. They can resist frost as well. Therefore, they are the ideal choice if you are looking for outdoor tiles in Sydney. Since these tiles are so dense there is less likely that they would get chipped. However, you need to guard against overkill over here.

How different between porcelain and ceramic?

Both porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are made from clay mixtures, which happen to be fired in a kiln. However, porcelain is made from much more refined clay. It is fired at a higher temperature as well. This is the reason why it is a lot denser than ceramic.

Is porcelain tile better than ceramic for outdoor?

Yes, outdoor porcelain tiles are much better than their outdoor ceramic counterparts. Ceramic is made from clay and various other natural components. Porcelain is made from porcelain clay – one that is fired to a higher temperature. Therefore, in the end, they are a lot denser and harder as well. This makes them a lot less porous as well. They are a lot less vulnerable to the likes of moisture and stains.

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