Carina Glacier Matt Tile 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02604)

$35.00 /m2

Material:  Porcelain

Design: Stone Look

Colour: Earl Grey, Salt, Nutmeg, Pepper and Glacier

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: Matt

Thickness: 10.5 mm


300×600 – 1.44m2 (8 pieces) per box

600×600 – 1.44m2 (4 pieces) per box

Carina Glacier Matt Tile 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02604)
Carina Glacier Matt Tile 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02604) $35.00 /m2

Required quantity:


Carina Glacier Matt Tile 300x600 / 600x600

Carina Glacier Matt Tile 300×600 is a signature series of stone tiles with variable choices of sizes. The stone look pattern chosen by the Carina series is fulfilling the beauty of minimalism and in the meanwhile, a luxurious feeling is also highlighted. “Wild but not chaos”, and “Minimalist but not simple“ might be the best descriptions for Carina. It is such an inspiring series that integrates minimalism and luxury altogether.

The In&Out finish enables the series to be suitable for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors.

New surface technology enables the same tiles to be used inside and outside for continuous open space. It is smooth on dry touch but slip resistance of P4 when wet. It is perfect for the living room and the same tiles flow to the outside balcony, porch, and alfresco.

Note: Actual product colour may vary from the displayed image.






Shower wall



Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Surround


Over Underfloor Heating

Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation: Ardex #241 Misty Grey


Cleaning: Please make sure to cover the newly tiled area to protect from mud when there are traffics from construction workers.

When there is residue of glue and grout, please use Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover.

Magic sponge or Magic mop is the best cleaning tool in this type of surface.