Square Jade Gloss 48×48 Mosaic Tile (Code:00946)

$7.00 /sheet

Material: Glazed Porcelain

Design: Mosaic Tile

Surface Texture: Gloss

Thickness: 7mm

Sheet size: 300×300 / 11 sheets = 1m2

Required quantity:

Square Jade Gloss 48x48 Mosaic Tile (Code:02766)
Square Jade Gloss 48x48 Mosaic Tile (Code:00946) $7.00 /sheet

Discover the allure of the Square Jade Gloss 48×48 Mosaic Tile, where luxury and versatility converge to redefine your living spaces. Delicately crafted with impeccable detail, these tiles exude a radiant gloss finish that captures the essence of refinement. Their generous 48×48 dimensions offer endless creative possibilities, allowing you to fashion captivating designs that inspire awe in any room. Whether adorning your kitchen backsplash or enhancing your bathroom walls, these mosaic tiles elevate your interiors with a timeless elegance that stands the test of time. Experience the epitome of sophistication with the Square Jade Gloss Mosaic Tile, where every space becomes a masterpiece of style and substance.


Ceramic Tile GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required