Black Matt Hexagon Mosaic 23mm (Code:00868)

$7.00 /sheet

  Material: Porcelain Design: Black Hexagon / Mosaic tile Surface: Gloss Sheet size: 260x300mm Chip size: 23x23mm 12.8 sheets are required for 1m2

Required quantity:

Black Matt Hexagon Mosaic 23mm (Code:00868) $7.00 /sheet

Black Matt Hexagon Mosaic 23mm

Embrace sophistication with the Black Matt Hexagon Mosaic 23mm. These hexagonal mosaic tiles in matte finish offer a subdued and refined look. Ideal for creating a modern and understated aesthetic, they add a touch of class to your space. Elevate your design with the versatility of black in a matte texture


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation:Davco Superfine White Wall Grout