Square White Gloss 48×48 Mosaic Tile (Code:00945)

$5.00 /sheet

Material: Glazed Porcelain

Design: Mosaic Tile

Surface Texture: Gloss

Thickness: 7mm

Sheet size: 300×300 / 11 sheets = 1m2

Required quantity:

Square White Gloss 48x48 Mosaic Tile (Code:02767)
Square White Gloss 48x48 Mosaic Tile (Code:00945) $5.00 /sheet

Square White Gloss 48×48 Mosaic Tile – a symbol of purity and sophistication that enhances any space with its timeless elegance. Crafted to perfection, these tiles boast a lustrous gloss finish that radiates light and adds depth to your surroundings. With generous dimensions of 48×48, they offer endless design possibilities, allowing you to create custom patterns and arrangements that reflect your unique style. Whether used in kitchens, bathrooms, or living areas, these mosaic tiles bring a sense of refined luxury to every corner of your home. Elevate your interior design with the pristine beauty of the Square White Gloss Mosaic Tile, where simplicity meets sophistication to create a lasting impression.


Ceramic Tile GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required