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New Travertine Cross-cut Bianco Matt 300×600/600×1200 (Code:02712)

$35.00$45.00 /m2

Material: Porcelain

Design: Travertine Look / 3D Texture

Colour: Bianco, Grigio, Warm

Edge: Rectified edge


300×600 – 1.44m2 (8 pieces) per box

600×600 – 1.44m2 (4 pieces) per box – sold out!

600×1200 – 1.44m2 (2 pieces) per box


New Travertine Bianco Cross-cut Life photo
New Travertine Cross-cut Bianco Matt 300x600/600x1200 (Code:02712) $35.00$45.00 /m2

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New Travertine Cross-cut Bianco Matt 300x600/600x1200

Unveil sophistication with the New Travertine Porcelain Tile, a travertine-look marvel. This tile introduces a dynamic play of colours with bianco, grigio, and warm hues. What sets it apart is the intricate 3D texture that elevates its surface, creating a visually appealing and tactile experience. The Bianco variation offers classic elegance, grigio adds a modern touch and warm tones infuse coziness. Perfect for floors and walls, this porcelain tile combines style and texture, transforming your space into a haven of nuanced beauty and contemporary design.

Note: Actual product color may vary to the displayed image.


300×600 / 600×600 – Matt P3

Matt GTO Suitability

600×1200 – In&Out P4


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout recommendation: Ardex #285 Mudberry