Carina Salt Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02710)

$65.00 /m2


Material: Porcelain Paver

Design: Stone Look

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: External P5

Thickness: 20 mm

Package: 600×600 – 2pcs – 0.72m2 per box

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Carina Salt Paver 600×600 20mm (Code:02710) $65.00 /m2

Carina Salt Paver 600×600 20mm

Unleash the beauty of your outdoors with the Carina 600x600x20mm Paver. Crafted from durable porcelain, it defies the elements, while the classic travertine aesthetic adds timeless allure. The slip-resistant surface, reminiscent of natural stone pavers, ensures safety and stability. At 20mm thickness, it radiates durability and weightiness. With a P5 slip rating, this paver is the epitome of secure style for various outdoor settings. Whether surrounding the pool, gracing the patio, or enhancing the garden, the Carina Paver weaves together safety, style, and lasting quality.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required