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6 Ways to Use Subway Tiles in Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen, subway tiles have been an enduring favorite for their clean, timeless look. And while plain white subway tiles continue to be a classic choice, there are plenty of creative ways you can incorporate these rectangular tiles in your kitchen backsplash design. Whether you want to add some personality, create a focal point, or go for a more modern or rustic feel, keep reading for 6 ideas for a subway tile backsplash that’s anything but boring.

Herringbone pattern

A herringbone pattern is a great way to add some visual interest to your subway tile backsplash. This pattern works best with longer subway tiles – think 4×12 or 3×12 – and is created by laying the tiles in a zigzag pattern that forms a V shape. You can choose to use a contrasting grout to make the pattern stand out even more.

Vertical stack bond

A vertical stack bond is a simple yet modern way to lay your subway tiles. Instead of the classic brick pattern, where the tiles are offset from each other, a vertical stack bond involves lining up the tiles directly on top of each other for a clean, streamlined look. This works particularly well if you want to add some texture or variation with a colored or patterned tile.

Colored grout

One easy way to give your subway tile backsplash a unique twist is to experiment with colored grout. Rather than white or gray, try a bold color like navy, black, or even pink. This can create a playful pop of color, especially if you’re using white subway tiles.

Mixed materials

Subway tiles don’t have to be the only materials in your backsplash. You can create a stunning focal point by combining subway tiles with another material like marble, glass, or patterned ceramic tiles. A popular way to do this is to use the subway tiles as a border or frame around a central panel of another material.

Textured tiles

Subway tiles don’t have to be smooth and shiny – in fact, textured subway tiles can add depth and warmth to your kitchen backsplash. Some popular textures include beveled edges, crackle finish, and even a rough-hewn or handmade look. Just be sure to choose a texture that complements your kitchen’s overall style.

Rustic charm

If you want to create a cozy, rustic feel in your kitchen, subway tiles can still be a great choice. Consider using smaller subway tiles, like 2×4 or 3×6, and coordinating them with a darker grout. This gives a more traditional, handmade look that’s perfect for a country or cottage-style kitchen.


A subway tile backsplash is a classic choice for any kitchen, but it’s easy to give this timeless option a modern twist with a few creative touches. Whether you choose to play with pattern and texture or mix in other materials, subway tiles are a versatile and affordable way to make your kitchen backsplash stand out. So get creative and have fun with your design – the possibilities are endless! Get Tiles Online offer best quality mosaic pool tiles, kitchen tiles, outdoor paving tiles etc