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Complete Your Outdoors With Outdoor Feature Tiles

When you have space for your outdoors, whether a small or large patio, it is crucial to optimise as it adds value to your home; many of us decorate outdoors with several features: a water feature or fire pit or dining area for summers. However, it is essential to choose tiles before selecting any such elements. The popularity of such outdoor tiles in Newcastle has always been high. The market offers a variety of outdoor pavers, and you can select any type, such as outdoor pool tiles or something else.

If you’re someone selecting outdoor tiles for the first time, the task can be daunting, and hence,


These tips will assist you in making the best decision for your requirements and the space available to utilise outdoor pavers.

Your budget 

When buying outdoor tile, the first thing you have to consider is your budget. The amount you can afford to spend will limit the choice you have.
Look beyond what seems obvious. Don’t be fooled with low prices or the best quality at low prices. Be sure to have a 360-degree approach while making a decision. You will find a large variety of outdoor pool tiles; however, you won’t be able to stream down your alternatives without a budget.

Style and colour of your home  

Many homeowners commit the mistake of not considering the current style of their home while selecting outdoor tiles. Though indoors and outdoors are never seen together, it is crucial to have a harmonious balance between the two.
One must avoid selecting clashing designs for tiles or pavers that will disturb the composition of your house. If you have a stylish, modern home, be sure to choose tiles that have a modern theme. In such cases selecting rustic or bohemian tiles will not enhance the beauty of your place.
One needs to consider style and colour while selecting tiles for the outdoors. You can match the colour of your house with the outdoor tiles as they will blend nicely or choose a hue that will complement the aesthetics.

Choosing the perfect pool tiles 

  • When choosing outdoor tiles, it’s essential to keep the weather in mind. It would help if you always examined outdoor tiles to handle your specific weather requirements. A tile that can hold up to warmth may not perform well with snow or ice. If you have heavy rain where you live, it is crucial to consider the water and how the tiles react to it. Weather will have a significant impact on the material’s maintenance and durability.
  • Another component you must consider is the light available in your area. Light and colours can create an illusion. Dark tone tiles will make a shady area look gloomy, while light tiles can make any bright spot look washed out.

Popular types of Outdoor Tile  

Now that we’ve discussed the requirement of outdoor pavers, here are a few popular types of outdoor tile in Newcastle and other parts of Australia.


Porcelain tile is dense and robust, making it an excellent alternative for outdoor use. But ensure you purchase porcelain tile rated for the outdoors.
Indoor porcelain tile often has a shiny surface that will become very greasy if it gets wet; hence be sure to confirm before selecting your outdoor pool tiles. Instead, you’ll require your porcelain to have a textured surface.

  • Natural Stone Paver  

When installing outdoor tiles or pavers, we need materials that will withstand all kinds of weather and thus are minimal maintenance to provide maximum convenience. Natural stone pavers are a few materials that provide a perfect blend of these.

Fabricators of granite and marble pavers, such as granite tile pavers, create stone pavers without artificial supplements. They are entirely ‘natural.’ The natural paver is crack-proof and offers excellent durability, strength, and flexibility to hold heavy loads. If your outdoors receives high foot traffic or vehicular traffic, it remains intact and attractive for years.

The installation procedure of the natural paver is comparatively quick and straightforward. You can start utilising it instantly after installation is completed.

In general, a natural paver requires a regular wipe with mild soapy water. If any harsh chemicals or acids spill, you must clean that particular area immediately as it prevents pavers from getting blemishes.

Ultraviolet light does not impact pavers of any variety, such as sandstone tile pavers or slate tile pavers. Their colour and look stay constant throughout their lifetime, stretching over decades.

One of the beautiful advantages of natural paver is that it remains cool in summers and warm in winters. Due to its excellent heat conduction capability. It’s no surprise that many ancient monuments are constructed from natural stone in both tropical and temperate regions.

You can select such outdoor tiles from Newcastle in different varieties, such as Sandstone Tile Paver, Slate Tiles Paver, Granite Tile Paver, Limestone Tile Paver, and Marble Floor Tiles to your requirement.

To conclude, consider the suggestions given above while shopping for outdoor pavers, outdoor pool tiles, or outdoor tiles in Newcastle to get the most out of your purchase.