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What To Know Before You Choose Bathroom Tiles

Anyone who has previously remodeled their bathroom space knows how difficult the actual project becomes once you start doing it. Especially with designing and choosing bathroom wall and floor tiles, it sounds easy but it is not the case when you don’t prepare before you dive into the big pool a full of choices. 

Calculate and Set Your Budget

I am pretty sure you will have a budget for bathroom tiles or for your entire renovation in mind before going shopping for best tiles for bathroom. Preparing a sincere budget before hovering through bathroom tiles is important. Otherwise, you may end up making all the wrong decisions along the way. So, refrain from entering the bathroom renovation industry without a proper budget in hand!

Decide Your Bathroom Design

Knowing your style and preference for your bathroom design is as important as setting the budget. There are many and more of designs, patterns and colours on bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles than you could imagine. A lot of people get lost with so many options when they don’t know what they want. It is a good idea to use social media at this point. Browse through all those bathroom design photos. It can be the professional photos from designers or photos from your neighbours who have gone through all this process before you do. This can be a good starting point on your bathroom style and only be mindful that the tiles on some of those photos are not available locally or even though they are available, it can be way beyond your budget.

Colour matters

Think about which colour scheme you would prefer in your bathroom, grey, beige, dark or light. There is no right and wrong on choosing these colors. Dark will give a room with a dramatic presence and often recommended for bathroom floor tile in terms of less visibility of dirt along with the dark grout lines. Neutral and light is recommended for small size bathroom though, don’t be afraid of using dark If you like and want to try by making contrast with dark and light.

Light, neutral and white tone is common choice when you want to brighten up your bathroom. You can add any colour and pattern of feature wall tiles or simply give the accent by choosing point colour on vanity, basin and tabs.

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