Bathroom Tiles

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  • Kit Kat White Matt Mosaic 22×145 (Code:02087)


    Kit Kat White Matt Mosaic 22x145 (Code:02087)

  • Kit Kat White Gloss Mosaic 22×145 (Code:02088)


    Kit Kat White Gloss Mosaic 22x145 (Code:02088)

  • Kit Kat Antique White Gloss Mosaic Tile 12×92 (Code:02089)


    Kit Kat Antique White Gloss Mosaic Tile 12x92 (Code:02089)

  • Kit Kat Antique Pink Gloss Mosaic Tile 12×92 (Code:02090)


    Kit Kat Antique Pink Gloss Mosaic Tile 12x92 (Code:02090)

  • Kit Kat Antique Green Gloss Mosaic Tile 12×92 (Code:02091)


    Kit Kat Antique Green Gloss Mosaic Tile 12x92 (Code:02091)

  • White Gloss Wall 300×600 (Code:00189)


    White Gloss Wall 300x600 (Code:00189)

  • White Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:00191)


    White Matt Wall 300x600 (Code:00191)

  • Picasso Brown Matt 300×600 (Code:01113)


    Picasso Brown Matt 300x600 (Code:01113)

  • Dallas Beige Matt 600×600 (Code : 02130)


    Dallas Beige Matt 600x600 (Code : 02130)

  • Emma Cream Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:02218)


    Emma Cream Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:02218)

  • Emma Mocha Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:02220)


    Emma Mocha Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:02220)

  • Emma Black Sesame Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:02221)


    Emma Black Sesame Matt Wall 300×600 (Code:02221)

  • Emma Grey Matt 300×300 (Code:02222)


    Emma Grey Matt 300×300 (Code:02222)

  • White Gloss Wall 100×200 (Code:00610)


    White Gloss Wall 100x200 (Code:00610)

  • My Carrara Gloss 300×600(Code:01015)


    My Carrara Gloss 300x600(Code:01015)

  • White Matt Wall 100×300 (Code:00190)


    White Matt Wall 100x300 (Code:00190)

  • White Gloss Wall 100×300 (Code:00588)


    White Gloss Wall 100x300 (Code:00588)

  • White Gloss Wall 300×900 (Code:00790)


    White Gloss Wall 300x900 (Code:00790)

  • My Terrazzo Grey Matt 600×600 (Code:02276)


    My Terrazzo Grey Matt 600x600 (Code:02276)

  • Parklane Grigio Matt Full Bodied Tile 300×600 / 600X600 (Code:02358)


    Parklane Grigio Matt Full Bodied Tile 300x600 / 600X600 (Code:02358)

  • Lorimer Neutral Matt Tile 300×300 (Code:02380)


    Lorimer Neutral Matt Tile 300x300 (Code:02380)

  • Jura Stone White Matt 300×300 (Code:02400)


    Jura Stone White Matt 300×300 (Code:02400)

  • Urban Marble Grey Lappato 450×900 (Code:01375)


    Urban Marble Grey Lappato 450x900 (Code:01375)

  • Spirit Dark Grey Matt 300×300 / 300×600 (Code:01770)


    Spirit Dark Grey Matt 300x300 / 300x600 (Code:01770)

  • Spirit Grey Matt 300×300 / 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:01771)


    Spirit Grey Matt 300x300 / 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:01771)

  • White Matt Wall 75×300 (Code:01873)


    White Matt Wall 75x300 (Code:01873)

  • White Gloss Wall 75×300 (Code:01874)


    White Gloss Wall 75x300 (Code:01874)

  • Genesis Stone Taupe Polished 300×600 (Code:01979)


    Genesis Stone Taupe Polished 300x600 (Code:01979)

  • Planet White Matt 300×300 (Code:02236)


    Planet White Matt 300×300 (Code:02236)

  • Planet Grey Matt 300×300 (Code:02241)


    Planet Grey Matt 300x300 (Code:02241)

  • Italian Mark Pearl Polished 590×590, 440×880 (Code:02252)


    Italian Mark Pearl Polished 590x590, 440x880 (Code:02252)

  • Italian Mark Chrome Matt 450×900 (Code:02254)


    Italian Mark Chrome Matt 450x900 (Code:02254)

  • Italian Mark Gypsum Polished 440×880 (Code:02255)


    Italian Mark Gypsum Polished 440x880 (Code:02255)

  • Tundra 2.0 White Polished 300×600 (Code:02259)


    Tundra 2.0 White Polished 300×600 (Code:02259)

  • Surface Off White Matt Tile 200×200 (Code:02397)


    Surface Off White Matt Tile 200×200 (Code:02397)

  • Surface Mid Grey Matt Tile 200×200 (Code:02398)


    Surface Mid Grey Matt Tile 200×200 (Code:02398)

Decorative & Non-Slip Bathroom Tiles

Buy Bathroom Tiles For Walls And Floors For Your Sydney Home

Create Your Perfect Bathroom

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom floor along with the bathroom wall is essential. At Get Tiles Online, based in Sydney, it’s our job to provide you with the largest possible variety of tile designs, colours, shapes, and textures. Here at Get Tiles Online, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, quick delivery, and a satisfaction guarantee. Our tiles are imported directly from leading tile supplies from countries across the world, such as Spain, Italy, Korea, China, and Turkey. Visit our Sydney warehouse today to view our extensive range of bathroom tiles or view our website online.

Bathroom wall tiles either need to catch attention, as a statement piece, or they should blend in with the bathroom floor to enhance the leading feature of the bathroom, such as the bath, shower, or basin area. Many people choose multiple styles of tiles for the bathroom, including a feature trim, whilst others only choose one tile to cover the entire bathroom. Whether you choose varying colours, sizes, and textures or not, Get Tiles Online will ensure your bathroom is transformed into a feature for your home.

Decorative Bathroom Tiles

We have some of the best bathroom floor tiles in Sydney. Our bathroom floor tiles are made from superior quality material and are sure to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of your bathroom. Our small bathroom floor tiles offer the perfect combination of style and convenience. They give more depth to your bathroom and blend perfectly with any kind of bathroom layout. Our white bathroom tiles particularly also remain a much favoured classic. Our range of bathroom wall and floor tiles are exquisite and available in several colour, designs, styles, and patterns.

Get Tiles Online also have a wide range of non-slip bathroom tiles, porcelain bathroom tiles, marble look bathroom tiles, terrazzo bathroom tiles, white bathroom floor tiles, grey bathroom floor tiles, feature tiles for bathroom, bathroom shower tiles and much more. We strive to bring you some of the best and designer made tiles for the bathroom that speak volumes about your style quotient.

Here are some striking features of our bathroom tiles:
1. Sturdy and robust: Our bathroom wall and floor tiles are ideal for moisture-prone areas such as your bathroom, due to its impeccable ability to resist moisture.
2. Add more beauty to your space: We offer the best tiles for bathrooms that are exclusive and elevate the appearance of your bathroom. After exploring our range, you too will find that these decorative bathroom floor tiles will be the best tiles for your bathroom floor. Or make a compelling statement with designer bathroom shower tiles, in which we have so many patterns and styles.
3. Cost-effective: Our feature bathroom tiles are competitively priced and do not demand much maintenance. Once installed properly our bathroom tiles do not have any recurring additional overhead costs.

The bathroom is the place of meditation where you get rid of all the dirt on your mind and body and feel fresh. It’s a fresh start of your night or day. How one can ignore the importance and interior of this room. Get tiles to offer all varieties of the bathroom floor and wall tiles in Sydney.

Every family has different ideas for their bathroom and our bathroom tile showroom in Sydney offers great designer collections for the best choice.

The bathroom wall tiles should serve two purposes one is decoration, and another is cleanliness. Our tiles are highly hygienic with a great look. The collection of polished and matt bathroom tiles suits any theme of the interiors. Every bathroom is created with some artistic ideas and to fulfil that our patterned bathroom tiles offer a wonderful selection. Our decorative bathroom floor tiles offer a great look with acupressure therapy with different textures.

Slip-proof tiles are very essential for any bathroom for the safety of the children and elderly people. The safety of our customers is our priority. Therefore, our tiles are designed to avoid any kind of accidents.

Our collection of big bathroom tiles gives a grand and elegant look to your bathroom. Our valued customers include small household, famous interior decorators as well as commercial clients. Our collection is easy on your pocket and offers superior quality tiles because customer satisfaction is our motto.

Be part of our movement to create a masterpiece in your home to illuminate your soul and body.

Contact us today or visit our Sydney based showroom to discuss our extensive range of quality imported bathroom tiles.

We offer a range of stylish yet quality cheap tiles to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.


How much do bathroom tiles cost?
The cost of bathroom floor tiles in Sydney can range from $3 to $55 depending upon on the style, design, texture, and appearance of these tiles. You can visit some of the leading bathroom tiles showrooms in Sydney to view some of the best bathroom wall tiles.

Where can I get the best Bathroom Tiles in Sydney?
There are ample of bathroom tiles showroom in Sydney offering a plethora of bathroom floor tiles at the most affordable price. The bathroom wall tiles are the most cost-effective tile option.

Where are the best Showrooms in Sydney to get quality bathroom tiles?
There are several showrooms in Sydney offering bathroom wall tiles. Check Google to find a showroom near you so you can check out the latest range of bathroom floor and wall tiles. You can see what you would like and remember tiles should be selected based on their colour, shape, size as well as price.

Which type of tiles will suit Bathroom Walls?
Generally, porcelain tiles are widely used for bathroom walls. They are moisture-resistant, durable and less porous too. The ceramic tiles are also preferred for bathroom walls due to their endurance and stain-resistant properties. The porcelain and ceramic tiles make your bathroom look more spacious.

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