Terrigal Graphite Porcelain Paver 60mm Drop Edge 400×600 20mm (Code:02454)

$65.00 /piece


Material: Porcelain

Design: Stone Look

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: External P4

Thickness: 20 mm

Package: 1box = 0.48m2 (2 pieces)

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Colours: Dark Grey
Part: Drop Edge
Terrigal Graphite Porcelain Paver 60mm Drop Edge 400x600 20mm (Code:02454) $65.00 /piece

Elevate your outdoor design with Terrigal Porcelain Paver, a 60mm drop-edge tile that combines style and safety. These 20mm thick non-slip pavers, rated at P5, are perfect for outdoor spaces. The square edge provides a seamless appearance.

The matching paver is also available, giving you the flexibility to create cohesive outdoor designs.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required