Tempe White Matt Tile 1200×1200 (Code:02488)

$85.00 /m2

Made in Spain

Suitable for indoor wall & floor

Square Edge (Rectified)

1box = 1.44m2(1pc)

Thickness : 10mm  

Colours: White
Size: 1200x1200
Tempe White Matt Tile 1200x1200 (Code:02488) $85.00 /m2

Elevate your design projects with our luxurious Tempe tile, crafted in Spain for a touch of softness and grandeur. Its large format exudes timeless elegance, perfect for expansive architectural spaces. The stone-inspired design adds natural beauty and character, while the tactile surface marries stone aesthetics with porcelain’s easy maintenance. Transform your projects with the opulent charm of this masterpiece.



Installation & Care

Grout Recommendation : Misty Grey