Large Format Tiles

Give a grand look to your bathroom, floor or wall with our collection of large format tiles. Our large splashback tiles widen up the space to make your room look larger while fewer grout lines give a seamless and sleek look. Read more



Large Tiles for Kitchen

Looking for upgrades or setting up a new kitchen, then large tile kitchen splashbacks are trending with a wide array of tile colours, patterns, and textures. They fit well in every size and shape of the kitchen by widening the space. Large size tiles are easy to install and easy on your pocket.

Cleaning is hassle-free with large tiles as more grout lines accumulate more dirt. Scrubbing these grout lines is a tedious job and inconveniencing. Save your precious time by just wiping it with regular cleaning material and you are ready to go.

Large Tiles for Bathroom, Floor & Wall

Installing a splashback can completely transform a dead beat and outdated kitchen, by creating a well-built focal point within your design. With our vast collection of large tiles, make your backsplash modish, elegant, and a classy piece of art. Our large tile collection is of superior quality at affordable and competitive prices, and are sure to fit your every need.

Get the best big bathroom tiles in Australia

Tiles are an integral part of a bathroom They not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom but improve its overall functionality too. Bathroom tiles can help to add an additional layer to your recreational relaxation space. It can help you maintain your bathroom and reduce the chances of leakage or dampness. More and more people are deciding to opt for large format tiles for their bathroom. This is because large format tiles can help you make even a small bathroom appear larger with less grout lines.

Get Tiles Online brings you some of the best large bathroom floor tiles in Australia. Our large bathroom tiles are a perfect combination of class and functionality; they are sturdy and made from some of the finest quality raw materials. Our large bathroom tiles help you get the overall seamless look you desire for your bathroom. They are extremely versatile and look amazing with any type of bathroom layout.

Apart from bathroom wall tiles, bathroom floor tiles, Get Tiles Online also has a wide collection of large bathroom wall tiles, Herringbone floor tiles, Subway Tiles Bathroom. Our bathroom wall tiles create a perfect ambience for your bathroom and provide optimum protection from moisture for your walls. Our exquisite bathroom wall tiles are available in several colours, shapes, designs and patterns. They are a perfect match for any contemporary or classically styled bathroom.

Why opt for large floor tiles?

Large format tiles for the bathroom greatly help in creating an immaculate setting. It enhances the overall look of the premises and gives it a stunning appearance.

  • Spaciousness :
    As mentioned earlier, installing large-format floor tile in the bathroom gives an illusion of spaciousness to your bathroom. It adds a sense of luxe and sturdiness to your bathroom. It creates a visually extended ambience and gives a feeling larger than reality.
  • Versatile:
    You can give your bathroom a creative look with our versatile large-format tiles. We have the widest range of large format tiles available in several patterns, designs, and style. You can use a creative combination of large format wall tiles to achieve the desired look for your bathroom.
  • Continuity Effect:
    Large slab tiles create a continuity effect and help one achieve a high level of uniformity. Large format tiles in Sydney are highly preferred due to their creative scope and reduce the separation between tiles. Get Tiles Online has some of the best large porcelain tiles that are visually appealing and durable too.
  • Reduces installation tiles:
    Large Porcelain wall tiles are very ergonomic and easy to handle. It may require only a limited number of large porcelain tiles to cover a bathroom wall. Hence, the time required for the installation of the same is reduced considerably. Large format tiles are very easy to assemble and do not demand much time for installation.
  • Multipurpose:
    Large Format Tiles are suitable for multiple areas in a house. You can install a large tile splashback to break the monotony of your kitchen walls, while help preserving them from moisture. Large kitchen wall tiles can give your kitchen a contemporary modular look.

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Q.1 Can I use large tiles in a small bathroom?

A.1 Tile size shouldn’t be determined by bathroom size, despite what you may have been told. A little bathroom can look amazing when you use large tiles. With fewer grout lines the walls and floor are less jumbled, and the room looks visually expanded.

Q.2 Can leveling spacers are good for large bathroom tiles?

A.2 Tile leveling spacers make excellent outcomes simple when used appropriately in a large bathroom tiles. Add them vertically with the floor tile – and horizontally in wall tiles – one set for each edge of the tile.

For large bathroom floor tiles, you can pull off close grout lines with leveling spacers and wedges. This makes a seamlessly smooth space.

Q.3 Do large tiles crack easier?

A.3 When tiles are appropriately installed in a home and aren’t dependent upon settlement, cracks, and holes should not happen. Luckily, settlement issues are uncommon. Tile cracks are generally the results of other underlying causes. Larger tiles are no more prone to cracks than smaller tiles.

Q.4 Are large tiles more expensive?

A.4 While larger floor tiles cost a little more upfront, they require less time to install. So, on the off chance that you are paying for others to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, the cost of the work would work out to be less.

Q.5 How do you lay large porcelain tiles?

A.5 Follow these steps to install large porcelain tiles:

  1. Check the condition of the tiles.
  2. Check Flooring design.
  3. Prepare the base
  4. Handle large format tiles properly
  5. Tile drill and cut
  6. Use an adhesive material
  7. Use the back buttering technique to lay down your porcelain tiles
  8. Use grouting materials
  9. Look after the movement joints
  10. Protect the flooring against premature loads or other works
  11. Follow up with proper cleaning and maintenance

Q.6 Can I use large tiles for a backsplash?

A.6 As floor tiles are getting bigger, wall tiles remain moderately small, with mosaics ruling the plan patterns on regions like kitchen backsplashes. We have set out to demonstrate that large format tiles have a spot in any divider tile task, and this comfortable corner kitchen backsplash is an ideal case of how a large format tile can function pleasantly in a small space.