Techo Charcoal Grip 200×200 (Code:02513)

$45.00 /m2

  Material: Full-bodied porcelain tile

Thickness: 6.5 mm

Surface: Non-slip / Grip

Suitability: Commercial kitchen

Packaging: 1 box = 1m2 (25pcs)  

Required quantity:

Techo Charcoal Grip 200x200 (Code:02513) $45.00 /m2

Techo Charcoal Grip 200x200

Tailored for commercial kitchens and high-traffic areas, the Techo Collection is meticulously crafted to meet specific requirements. These durable, slip-resistant tiles prioritize safety and functionality while maintaining a stylish aesthetic. Elevate your space with Techo Grip Tiles, ensuring excellence without compromising on safety and style. This inclusive collection comprises matching Corner-internal, Corner-external, Charcoal Grip Tiles, Charcoal Diamond Tiles, Coving ensuring a seamless and professional appearance for the entire space. 

Matching corner/coving:

Grout Recommendation : Midnight