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Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato Tile 750×750 (Code:02748)

$39.00 /m2



Origin: Italy

Material: Porcelain

Design/Faces: Marble Look

Edge: Rectified Edge

Surface Texture: Lappato

Thickness: 10 mm

Package: 750×750 – 1.125m2 (2 pieces) per box

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Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato Tile 750x750 (Code:02748) $125.00 $39.00 /m2

Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato Tile 750x750

Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato Tile, an elegant choice for your space in a versatile 750×750. This Italian-designed tile showcases the timeless Calacatta Extra design in a lappato finish, seamlessly blending classic charm with contemporary allure. The lappato surface texture introduces a subtle sheen, enhancing both visual appeal and tactile luxury.

Elevate your interiors with this refined tile, where superior craftsmanship meets the enduring allure of Calacatta-inspired aesthetics. Ideal for those who appreciate a sophisticated blend of style and quality. Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato Tile – a statement of timeless luxury for your design aspirations.


Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Sealing: Not Required

Grout Recommendation: Mudberry