Loose Stone Crazy Yellow Tiger Skin Body (Code:02445)

$95.00 /m2

Material:  Natural Stone

Size: Random size

Package: 14m2 per crate

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Required Area (m2):

Required quantity:

Loose Stone Crazy Yellow Tiger Skin Body (Code:02445) $95.00 /m2

Yellow Tiger Skin presents a captivating assortment of loose stone wall cladding that features a variety of random shapes and sizes. This natural stone cladding draws inspiration from classic stack stone design, providing an authentic and organic appearance. It’s a superb choice for indoor fireplaces, external facades, stately pillars, and reliable retaining walls. The yellow and beige tones add warmth and character to your space, ensuring a timeless and aesthetically pleasing result. Choose Yellow Tiger Skin for an elegant fusion of natural beauty and modern versatility in your architectural projects.

Guidance when purchasing natural stones

Natural stone is quarried from all over the world and is subject to variations in colour, patterns, veining, etc. Not every tile looks the same, as the one before and therefore cannot be repeated. Consistency of colours, shade, pattern or veining etc, is random and therefore must be expected.

For this reason, samples on display or supplied are indicative only and actual stock supplied may differ slightly from current stock or samples. All-natural stone is therefore supplied on the above basis and we cannot accept responsibility for natural variations beyond our control.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Sealing after installation is a MUST. Pre-sealing is required depending on job condition.

Recommended sealer