Icon Silver Matt Tile 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02779)

$29.00 /m2

Material: Porcelain Tile

Design: Stone Look

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: Matt


300×600 – 1.44m2 (8 pieces) per box

600×600 – 1.44m2 (4 pieces) per box

ionic silver cheap tiles online matt and polished 300x600 600x600
Icon Silver Matt Tile 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02779) $29.00 /m2

Required quantity:


Icon Silver Matt Tile 300x600 / 600x600

Welcome to a world of understated sophistication with the Icon Silver Matt Tile, offered in both 300×600 and 600×600 dimensions. These indoor tiles boast a matte finish that exudes timeless elegance, providing a versatile canvas for interior design creativity. With their subtle sheen and natural stone-inspired appearance, they add depth and texture to any space, creating an ambiance of quiet luxury. Embrace the iconic allure of these tiles as they elevate your home with their understated beauty and timeless appeal.


Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Grout Recommendation: Misty Grey