White Gloss Wall 300×900 (Code:00790)

$29.00 /m2


White gloss ceramic wall tile.

Ideal for bathroom wall and splash back.

Square Edge(Rectified).

Thickness : 10mm.


Required quantity:

White Gloss Wall 300x900 (Code:00790) $29.00 /m2

This is very versatile ceramic wall tile widely available and easily applicable to any space of walls. White wall tiles are white in colour though the shade of white can vary from bright White to warm white or off-white. The surface finish is either glossy with a highly reflective surface or matte with a non-reflective and more subtle appearance. White tile in gloss finish is usually brighter white than white in matte finish.

White wall tiles on the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry will provide a clean and timeless look with its own light and neutral backdrop paired with any other accents in the space.