Curve Marble Nero Flute Honed 30x450x20 (Code:02321)

$15.00 /piece

 Material: Natural Stone

Design: Curve Flute

Surface finish: Honed

Thickness: 20mm

Packaging: 1 piece – 30×450  

Required quantity:

Curve Marble Nero Flute Honed 30x450x20 (Code:02321) $15.00 /piece

Curve Marble Nero Flute Honed 30x450x20

Elevate your kitchen’s design with this gracefully curved, natural stone marble. It’s an inspiring choice, especially for fluted kitchen islands, characterized by their vertical, evenly spaced grooves or ridges.

Our exquisite Natural Stone Curve Flute Honed Collection is designed to bring a touch of elegance to your spaces. Whether it’s for outdoor walls, indoor walls, splashbacks, or feature walls, this versatile tile effortlessly enhances the ambiance with its timeless beauty and natural charm.


Installation & Care

Sealing after installation is a MUST.

Recommended sealer

Pre-sealing is required depending on job conditions.