Cantata Almond Matt French Pattern Tile (Code:02853)

$85.00 /m2


Origin: Italiy

Material: Porcelain

Design: French Pattern Travertine Look

Edge: Cushioned edge

Surface Texture: Matt

Thickness: 8 mm

Package: 2 sets = 1.44m2 per box

Required quantity:

Cantata Almond Matt French Pattern Tile (Code:02853) $85.00 /m2

The design of the Cantata Almond tile mimics the classic and timeless appeal of travertine stone, arranged in a French pattern. This pattern, also known as the Versailles pattern, consists of a combination of different tile sizes that fit together to create a repeating, intricate layout. The French pattern is renowned for its ability to add visual interest and a sense of movement to the flooring, making it a favorite in upscale design projects.

1 set = 400×600 – 1pc / 400×400 – 2pcs / 200×400 – 1pc / 200×200 – 2pcs

French Pattern provides one of the most distinctive floor looks. It is among the most popular flooring styles used for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Reminiscent of a stone floor from the historic European palaces, a French pattern floor looks very elegant and impressive, especially with Travertine tiles.

See below a diagram how to achieve a French pattern layout, this style can be obtained using a combination of 400 x 400mm, 600 x 400mm, 400 X 200mm and 200 x 200mm size (2 sets)


Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Sealing: No required

Grout Recommendation: Ardex #282 Alabaster