Surface Off White Matt Tile 200×200 (Code:02397)

$29.00 /m2


Suitable for indoor wall and floor

Round(=unrectified) edge

Thickness: 7 mm

1box = 1.08m2 (27pcs)          

Colours: Off-White
Surface Off White Matt Tile 200x200 (Code:02397) $29.00 /m2

Introducing Surface Off White Matt Tile in a modern and compact 200×200 size. Elevate your space with the versatile charm of a matte finish, featuring the contemporary Off White shade. Crafted for enduring style, these tiles are ideal for various applications, adding a touch of sleek sophistication to your home. Enhance your design with the timeless aesthetics of Surface Off White Matt, seamlessly blending a convenient size with a modern matte finish for a lasting and stylish presence in your living spaces.


Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care