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    Kellyville Soft Grey Matt 300×300 (Code:02266)


    Kellyville Soft Grey Matt 300x300 (Code:02266)

  • Kellyville Blue Navy Matt 300×300 (Code:02267)


    Kellyville Blue Navy Matt 300x300 (Code:02267)

  • Kellyville Black Matt 300×300 (Code:02268)


    Kellyville Black Matt 300x300 (Code:02268)

  • Kellyville Sage Matt 300×300 (Code:02312)


    Kellyville Sage Matt 300x300 (Code:02312)

  • Kellyville Soft Clay Matt 300×300 (Code:023123)


    Kellyville Soft Clay Matt 300x300 (Code:023123)

  • Newtown 783 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01903)


    Newtown 783 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01903)

  • Newtown 791 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01904)


    Newtown 791 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01904)

  • Newtown 558 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01905)


    Newtown 558 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01905)

  • Newtown 547 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01907)


    Newtown 547 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01907)

  • Newtown 707 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01908)


    Newtown 707 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01908)

  • Newtown 549 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01909)


    Newtown 549 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01909)

  • Newtown 710 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01910)


    Newtown 710 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01910)

Deco Encaustic Feature Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen

Encaustic and Feature Wall Tiles Online in Sydney

Get tiles online brings to you some of the most exquisite, high quality designer Encaustic look tiles and Feature Wall tiles in Australia. We strive to get the most stylish and trendy tiles that are sure to enhance the look of your space and give it an elated appearance. Our tiles are made from some of the finest materials and in addition require extraordinarily little maintenance. You can easily clean the Feature wall tiles in no time at all with the help of a damp cloth. Our Encaustic and Feature Wall tiles give the natural finesse to your walls and give your home or office a distinct character too.

We have the largest variety of Wall tiles. These tiles are available in matt finish as well as glossy appearance. You can even opt for our polished tiles that are exceptionally beautiful and class apart. Our tiles are a perfect match for your living room, kitchen, as well as the bedroom. Our tiles are sturdy and have high endurance. At Get Tiles online we constantly make efforts to upgrade our products and introduce them in vogue tiles that are matchless.

Get tiles online is one of the finest suppliers of wall tiles in Australia. Our ranges of Encaustic look tiles as well as Feature Wall tiles are aesthetically pleasing and robust too. At Get Tiles online, our focus is on providing exceptional quality tiles at the most competitive price. Our tiles are a perfect amalgamation of style and lux.

Give your bathroom a historical or trendy look with our eye-catching encaustic look tiles. The endless colours and patterns in our encaustic porcelain tiles empower our clients to create breathtaking interior. Craft your bathroom into a piece of art with our mesmerising collection of encaustic tiles for the bathroom.

Tell your own story with our feature tiles. Plain tiles can give a dull feel; intensify your bathroom or floor instead with encaustic bathroom and floor tiles. Give a dramatic persona to the area with striking geometric pattern, mosaic design, and Moroccan motifs. And make the space truly and uniquely, your own.

We offer different finishes of encaustic tiles:

Glazed porcelain encaustics : Currently, the most preferred option in encaustic tiles is the glazed porcelain tile with a decorative pattern printed on the surface.

Why Should You Consider Get Tiles Encaustic look tiles?

  • Exotic colours :Encaustic look tiles feature awe-inspiring colours that will boggle your mind and catch your attention easily. Give a trendy yet elegant look by installing encaustic bathroom floor or wall tiles to your bathroom.
  • Ravishing patterns :
    The bathroom is not just another room; it’s a place where you find relief from all your stress and sweat. The delightful patterns transform your bathroom into a sumptuous destination to getaway to. The patterns entirely add new meaning and feel to your bathroom, kitchen, backlashes, and much more.
  • Eco friendly:
    Porcelain encaustic and featured tiles are made from clay and fired at kiln temperature, making it strong and ecofriendly. We adopt all the measures to keep our surroundings clean and healthy while decorating your house to the next level.
  • Enduring life :
    Renovating tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor is not a regular affair, many times it’s a one-time investment. Hence, we believe in supplying quality tiles with the longest life and at cheap rates. Our porcelain feature tiles never go out of fashion and remain appealing always.
  • Pocket friendly :
    Get Tiles Online, the leading tile supplier, is well known for its fashionable and trendy tiles that make your home a beautiful place. We have all tiling solutions for your commercial or residential purposes. Buy our encaustic look tiles at competitive rates. Plan your bathroom renovation with our encaustic tiles available at a cheap cost, making your budget flexible.
  • Closeout sale :
    Our sale is a treat for many designers and people who are planning for a makeover. The clearance sales give you a wide range to select at the lowest possible cost. Enjoy the shopping of luxurious and expensive tiles in your budget during our sale.

The feature and encaustic floor tiles are very much in fashion today, thanks to social media. The intricate designs and flourishing colours have made it gain popularity in recent times. Browse through Get Tiles Online for our distinct collection of feature wall tiles, outdoor encaustic look tiles, patterned bathroom floor tiles, patterned wall bathroom tiles, patterned kitchen floor tiles in Sydney.

Get tiles online is the most preferred tile suppliers due to our:

  • Commitment to quality
  •  Reasonable pricing
  •  Exclusive range of tiles
  • Customer-centric approach
  • After-sales support

Call us for a free sample to ensure your choice and faster delivery is guaranteed from our end. Our customer executive is always ready to talk to you and assist you for an extraordinary deal.


What is encaustic porcelain tile?

Encaustic Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that have patterns or figures that have a combination of colours. Encaustic tiles are distinctively set apart bathroom feature wall tiles. Encaustic floor tiles are durable and have incredible moisture retention properties.

Are our encaustic look tiles suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, encaustic tiles are well suitable for bathrooms. Encaustic floor tiles enhance the look of a bathroom and give it a stunning appearance. Encaustic look tiles go well with any bathroom layout, with multiple design options. Get tiles online brings to you a wide range of stunning encaustic tiles for sale.

What are encaustic tiles made of?

Encaustic tiles are porcelain tiles and are made from a combination of materials such as marble dust, pigment and cement. The proportion of each of these elements depend upon its style and pattern. Get Tiles Online has some of the best encaustic floor tiles for bathrooms in Australia to help you create a bathroom that you really love.

How do you cover patterned tiles?

Patterned tiles can be covered with the help of tile paint. Tile paint can help you get rid of the old tile without removing it. You can also get encaustic floor tiles for the bathroom to get the desired appearance.

Do encaustic tiles need sealing?

No, The material of Encaustic look tiles is porcelain. So that maintenance is much easier than cement encaustic tiles. Sealing is not required for porcelain encaustic look tiles.

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