Newtown 791 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200×200 (Code:01904)

$45.00 /m2

Material:  Porcelain

Design: Geometric Pattern

Edge: Round Edge

Surface Texture: Matt

Thickness: 7 mm

Package: 200×200 – 1m2 (25 pieces) per box

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Easy for maintenance & No sealing is required

Required quantity:

Newtown 791 Porcelain Pattern Tile 200x200 (Code:01904) $45.00 /m2

Newtown 791 Porcelain Pattern Tiles, a vibrant and eclectic addition to your space in a distinctive 200×200 size. Infused with a lively and colorful warm tone pattern, these tiles become a canvas of artistic expression. Seamlessly combining sophistication with a burst of hues, they redefine versatility, suitable for various applications. Elevate your design with the dynamic aesthetics of Newtown 791, where each tile is a celebration of color, creating a unique and lively presence in your interior or exterior spaces.


Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Grout Recommendation: White