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How To Make A Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Compact bathrooms are often a fact of life, especially in old buildings and modern apartments with limited space. If you are unlucky enough to have a home with such a bathroom, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the frustrating feeling of cramped claustrophobia. Well, fear not; while you may not always physically be able to increase the size of the bathroom. Various tips and tricks make the space appear larger with small bathroom floor tiles. Here we will give you an idea about the best cheap tiles for the bathroom floor to create the illusion of space.

Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger & More Spacious!

There are a few simple ways to create space through optical illusions and bright colours and surfaces. For example, you are using neutral colours for small bathroom tiles on both floors and walls. Large-format tiles can also be the best tile choice for your bathroom floors. You can also use mirrors to choose the right style and size of vanity for the same effect.

Neutral Colours

A light to neutral colour palette will always benefit a small room since it will feel more open and spacious. Tones such as white, cream, pastel blue or green are the best colours in small bathrooms. Consider using high gloss paint on woodwork to add an extra bit of shine and reflect more light around the room.
If you want to add a punch of colour to your bathroom, try using bright towels, artwork, and accessories. Choose small bathroom floor tiles of such colours to create a space illusion.

Choose Large-Format Tiles

Large-format tiles, i.e., tiles bigger than 60×60 cm in size, are the best tile for bathroom floors. Eyes would be drawn towards wherever you place these large format tiles, so choose wisely; plus, there would be fewer grout lines to keep clean. You can use large format black and white tiles to make the room feel bigger, despite having a dark accent wall. Make sure that the bathroom floor tiles are textured to avoid slipping.

Use Mirrors

A large mirror will always make a small room appear more significant. Placing more oversized mirrors on your walls will make a room look bigger and reflect light across the whole space. If you have a nook in your bathroom where you could fix one, that would be ideal. You can also use mirrored cabinets over your sink, which we can use to store toiletries and keep the room clean. Vintage mirrors are typically bigger than modern mirrors, offering you even more bang for your money if you’re searching for something a little distinctive and unique.

Pick Right Vanity

Consider a storage solution that meets your bathroom’s requirements, such as cupboards or baskets, and keeps everything concealed! Make sure the vanity fits well into your space too. If it’s too big or too small, it won’t work correctly, and you’ll end up with less storage than needed for all of those toiletries!

If you want your small bathroom to look more prominent, it’s better not to use big pieces of furniture such as oversized vanities or ample cabinets. You can choose a small wall mounted vanity for your small bathroom that won’t take much room but at the same time will provide enough storage space for all your cosmetics and toiletries.

Same Tiles On Your Floors & Walls

The average bathroom has different tiles on the wall and the floor, but it seems messier and smaller. You can use the same tiles on both the walls and floor to create a harmonious look and create an illusion of space. Make sure you choose light coloured tiles as dark ones will absorb light and make your bathroom seem like a cave.

As long as you use the right colours, the best match of small bathroom tiles and the right furniture, you can easily create the feeling of light and space without physically expanding reach.