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The Coolest Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

What is a Kitchen Backsplash and Why Do You Need One?

Kitchen backsplash tiles fit right onto the wall behind your kitchen countertop. You will see these tiles just beneath the kitchen wall cabinets. And what purpose do they serve, you? Well, these kitchen splashback tiles serve an important purpose. They are installed to protect the walls behind your countertops from spills and grease. Thanks to the unique materials used in kitchen tile backsplashes, it’s easy to clean splashes and spills off the tiles. If not for these tiles on those walls, you might be looking at many stains on those same walls. 

Benefits of Backsplash

Are you wondering why people willingly invest in kitchen tile backsplashes? Here are your answers! 

  • The primary function of putting these unique kitchen tiles between the cabinets and countertop is to protect the wall in-between. 
  • With the right set of modern kitchen splashback tiles, you can create magnificent decor all around the kitchen. 
  • You can cook food on the countertop without any worry of grease splashes. 
  • It takes minimal effort to clean, polish and maintain these beautiful kitchen tile backsplashes. 

How to Choose a Kitchen Backsplash?

What comes first to your mind while shopping for kitchen tile backsplashes? Is it the material and its quality? Or do you go for the most aesthetically appealing kitchen tiles in the market? Perhaps you are one of those few people who put the maintenance of these kitchen splashback tiles at the top of your priority. But who says you can’t go for tiles that meet all of the previously mentioned criteria? No one, right? 

Modern kitchen splashback tiles come with all of the aspects and much more. Besides, you will have lots of options in colour, texture, size, etc. You must find which kitchen tile backsplashes complement the rest of your kitchen’s design. After all, if it doesn’t match the overall kitchen decor, it won’t look good. 

Varieties of Kitchen Backsplash

Here are some kitchen tile backsplash designs to consider for your residence: 

Mosaic Tile

These tiles are simply outstanding. When using these kitchen tiles as kitchen backsplash tiles, you get a beautiful combination of colours, materials, and texture. Be it a traditional look that looks elegant or something ultra-modern to amaze your guests. Mosaic kitchen wall tiles and backsplashes are in the trend these days, that’s for sure. 

These days, mosaic tiles have engulfed the kitchen renovations industry for large parts. You will see these tiles popping up everywhere. There’s an increase in demand for such stylish and exquisite modern kitchen splashback tiles in the market. 

Subway Tile

You may also install a subway tile backsplash in your kitchen. It is an inexpensive method to ensure that more value is brought to your house. When you look at these subway tiles properly, you will find that each one of them is uniform. So, you can get a great mix of assorted colours and styles for your home. 

Porcelain Slab

If you want to add a kitchen tile backsplash choice that requires low maintenance, you should go for a large format porcelain slab. With minimum grout lines, it is easy to maintain. The design of such material is going to be seamless and magnificent. No matter how you have designed your kitchen, otherwise, it will prove to be a fantastic choice. 

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