Tempe Grey Matt Tile 595×1200 (Code:02508)

$69.00 /m2

Made in Spain

Suitable for indoor wall & floor

Square Edge (Rectified)

1box = 1.44m2(2pc)

Thickness : 10mm  

Required quantity:

Tempe Grey Matt Tile 595x1200 (Code:02508) $69.00 /m2

Tempe Grey Matt Tile 595x1200

Infuse your space with softness and luxury through our Tempe tile, expertly crafted in Spain. Its expansive large format emanates timeless elegance, making it an ideal choice for grand architectural ventures. The stone-inspired design brings forth natural beauty and character within your interiors, while the spacious format creates an illusion of even more room.

With a luxurious and tactile surface, this tile seamlessly merges the captivating aesthetics of stone with the effortless maintenance associated with porcelain. Elevate your design projects with the opulent allure of this masterpiece.



Installation & Care

Grout Recommendation: Magellan Grey