Planet Grey Lappato 600×600 (Code:02238)

$29.00 /m2


Made in Italy

Suitable for indoor wall and floor

Square edge(rectified)

1 box = 1.08m2

Thickness : 9.5mm

Grout Recommendation : Slate Grey


Planet Grey Lappato 600x600 (Code:02238) $42.00 $29.00 /m2


Batch   All the tiles have their own batch number from the factory based on the time of production. Colour can be vary batch to batch. If you need to order the same batch with your previous order, please contact us to check the availability of the same batch.

Surface  There are difference on tile surface based on each finishes – Polish, Matt, Semi-polish (Lappato) and external (rough). Polished tile has glossy and smooth surface and mainly used for walls or dry floor area such as living room floor. Matt finished tiles are used for walls and floors, especially on bathroom floors where you want them less slippery.

Variation  The sample and final order product may vary on colour, shade or texture of surface due to batch difference. Also, a small piece of sample is from fraction of original big size tile and does not fully represent the variation of patterns.

Colour  There may be colour differences between the images on the website and the real tile depending on monitor specifications or resolution. We recommend to organise tile samples before ordering.