Osteria Ivory Polished Tile 300×600 / 600×600 (Code:02562)

$29.00 /m2


Material: Porcelain Tile

Design: Stone Look

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: Polished / Matt

Thickness: 9 mm


300×300 – 0.99m2 (11 pieces) per box

300×600 – 1.44m2 (8 pieces) per box

600×600 – 1.44m2 (4 pieces) per box

Osteria Ivory Polished Tile 300x600 / 600x600 (Code:02562) $39.00 $29.00 /m2

Immerse your space in sophistication with Osteria Ivory Polished Tile. This refined tile captures the enduring elegance of natural stone through its polished finish, introducing a touch of opulence to your surroundings. Available in various patterns, sizes, and styles, Osteria Ivory Polished Tile offers versatility to suit your design preferences. The polished surface not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also reflects light, creating a luminous and upscale ambiance. Elevate your interior with this premium tile, seamlessly combining the timeless beauty of natural stone with the durability and affordability of porcelain. Transform your space into a haven of timeless elegance with Osteria Ivory Polished Tile.


Installation & Care

Grout Recommendation: Misty Grey