Misty Terrazzo Light Grey Matt 600×600 (Code:02579)

$35.00 /m2

Material: Porcelain

Design: Terrazzo Look

Edge: Rectified edge

Surface Texture: Matt

Thickness: 10 mm

Package: 600x600mm – 1.44m2 (4 pieces) per box

Misty Terrazzo Light Grey Matt 600×600 (Code:02579) $35.00 /m2

Misty Terrazzo Light Grey Matt Tile in 600×600 is a stylish addition to your space. The Terrazzo pattern brings modernity, while the light grey hue adds a touch of sophistication. The matte finish enhances its contemporary appeal. Crafted with precision, this tile is not just beautiful but also durable. Perfect for both walls and floors, it effortlessly elevates your interior design. Upgrade your home with Misty Terrazzo Light Grey Matt, where elegance meets resilience seamlessly.


Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation: Ardex #241 Misty Grey