Handicraft Craquele Nacar Gloss 75×150 / 75×300 (Code:00146)

$89.00 /m2


Origin: Spain

Material: Ceramic

Design: Handmade subway / wall tile

Available size: 75×150 / 75×300

Handicraft Craquele Nacar Gloss 75x150 / 75x300 (Code:00146) $89.00 /m2

Required quantity:


Handicraft Craquele Nacar Gloss 75x150 / 75x300

Handicraft Gloss Barcelona Beauty: Capture the beauty of Barcelona with these handmade ceramic tiles. Produced in Spain, these tiles are perfect for walls and come in sizes 75×150, 75×300

The term “Subway” originates from the iconic white tiles used in New York City subway stations during the early 20th century. This versatile subway tiles can be laid various patterns and create unique feature appearance.


Installation & Care

Sealing: Not required

Grout Recommendation:Davco Superfine White Wall Grout