Brighton Brick Red 60×250 (Code:02621)

$85.00 /m2


Material: Porcelain

Design: Brick Look Subway Tile

Surface: Textured

Thickness: 10 mm

Slip Rate: R11

Packaging: 32pcs – 0.58m2 per box


Required Area (m2)

Required quantity:

Brighton Brick Red 60x250 (Code:02621) $85.00 /m2

This porcelain stoneware is inspired by the brick facades. It brings back the urban and cozy feeling of bricks, reflecting the lively neighborhoods of the city. The walls are adorned with vintage reflections, creating a sophisticated and retro atmosphere, reminiscent of hollow ceiling tiles and small brick surfaces. Using advanced ceramic technology, the collection offers 20 surfaces that accurately mimic brick shades. Brighton collection isn’t just about replicating industrial brick looks; it’s also designed for versatility, perfect for both floors and walls.

The term “subway” originates from the iconic white tiles used in New York City subway stations during the early 20th century. This versatile subway tiles can be laid various patterns and create unique feature appearance.



Installation & Care

Sealing: Not Required