Attic White Polished Tile 600×1200 (Code:02730)

$39.00 /m2


Design: Marble Look

Edge: Square Edge (Rectified)

Thickness: 10.5 mm  

Packaging: 600×1200  – 1box = 1.44m2 (2pcs) 

Required quantity:

Attic White Polished Tile 600x1200 (Code:02730) $39.00 /m2

Attic White Polished Tile 600x1200

Unleash the timeless allure of Attic White Polished Tiles 600×1200. Meticulously crafted for sophistication, these tiles redefine your space with a touch of contemporary elegance. At 600×1200 dimensions, they seamlessly blend form and function, providing a spacious canvas for your design vision. The polished white finish adds a luminous charm, creating an ambiance of understated luxury. Elevate your interiors with the enduring beauty of Attic White Polished Tiles, where each tile is a testament to modern aesthetics and refined simplicity.


Matt GTO Suitability
Matt GTO Suitability

Installation & Care

Grout Recommendation: Misty Grey