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Marble Look Tile Bathroom – Ideas For A Luxurious Bathroom

Are you fascinated by the exquisite marble tiles you saw in your neighbour’s bathroom? They ooze quite the aesthetic appeal, don’t they? It’s one of the most preferred choices for bathroom renovations, especially if it’s a luxurious bathroom. That being said, natural stone marble tiles require your special attention as per maintenance. 

So should you entirely give up on the idea of installing marble tiles in your bathroom? Surely not. Marble look tiles will be good alternative options for your bathroom renovation.

Why choose marble tiles for your home?

If you’re considering bringing specific changes to your bathroom, you should try to bring in marble look tiles. There are many reasons you should try to look forward to these tiles to renovate your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of its main benefits: 

Flexible Usage 

The remarkable thing about the marble look tiles bathroom is that it is a very versatile choice for your place. You can use it for your floors as well as your walls. Some tiles are needed at various locations in a bathroom ranging from shower walls to bathtub. If you want to change the bathroom as a whole and install tiles all over the place, you can choose marble look tiles to get that complete solution at your home. 

Ease Of Maintenance 

The stains and dirt particles have a lesser chance of impacting your walls and floors if you have gone for a marble look tiles bathroom. Suppose you spill toothpaste onto the wall and forget to wash it for a couple of days. When you are finally ready to clean it up, the job would be far easier if you go for marble look tiles. There are some materials of tiles that might not live up to an excellent standard in terms of easy maintenance. When you’re looking for exceptional design choices for your bathrooms, you need something like marble design porcelain tiles that are easy to maintain over some time. 

Timeless Beauty 

Another fantastic thing about marble look tiles is that they stay with the same looks for years. Marble look is timeless and never dated. It is one of the most popular choice of all times.

With these tiles, you can truly make the most of your luxurious bathroom. Sydney tile shop like Get Tiles Online can help you achieve your dream marble design tile bathroom in Australia! 


Tips for a luxury bathroom design

After a long day at the workplace, bathrooms are supposed to give you a sense of relaxation and calm. What’s the use of renovating your bathroom while spending hundreds and thousands of dollars if it doesn’t give you that ultimate satisfaction? That’s why you should be careful while selecting a design for your luxury bathroom renovation, especially if you will use marble look tiles for the job. 

So, are there some helpful tips you can implement in your luxury bathrooms renovation? Sure, there are! We have highlighted them below! 

Color Palette

Choosing the right combination of colours for your marble tile bathroom is important. It would be best to forge a contemporary effect on your walls or flooring while selecting these marble look like tiles. You can easily do that. There are many catalogues widely available on the internet that you can use as a reference. 

Textures and Finishes

The right textures and finishes will make the difference between a good bathroom and a splendid one. To create the sense of luxury you want, you have to carefully choose the textures and finishes on your marble look tiles. Try to add more depth and richness by contrasting glossy tiles with a matte finish. Similarly, you can use fixtures and hardware that come with brass, gold or other shiny finishes. That will do the trick. 

Consider the classics

While we are on marble look tile bathrooms, we have to talk about the classic designs. Sure, people nowadays look for modern bathroom makeovers. But who says you can’t blend classic design in your overall modern bathroom look? Classic designs have stood the test of time and have supplied sublime beauty to bathrooms in Australia. You can do the same and bring the best out of both worlds by combining classic designs with your modern bathrooms. 

Here, we finish this small piece of articles on how to choose marble look tiles for your bathrooms. If you have any queries or questions related to this blog article, feel free to ask our team! 

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