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Buy Travertine Tiles – The Best Quality Natural Stone Paver

Natural stones have always been in demand, whether for homes or commercial spaces. They help add value to your areas and can be used to elevate the looks and the feel in most places. Travertine is one of the most used natural stone tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors. Travertine tiles can be used as coping tiles, pool tiles and even pavers to help improve the curb appeal. Travertine tiles and pavers have been used in Newcastle, Sydney, as they come in an elegant range of shades, patterns, variations, and venations that one can choose from. 

Why travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone that comes with a vast number of advantages. They are easy to maintain and, with appropriate care, may be used for many years without causing any problems. These tiles will not showcase any water spots and soap scum on the walls or floorings, so property owners can relax without having to worry about it. One can easily clean the stains using soft cleaners to eliminate your area’s germs.
Also, one can find an assortment of travertine coping tiles, travertine pool tiles and travertine pavers in multiple shades, patterns and sizes in our Get Tiles Online outlet in Sydney. You may be sure that your bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas will be distinctive since each tile has its venations.

Why Choose a Travertine Floor?

Travertine has become a go-to choice for most homeowners in Newcastle as they offer numerous benefits that are hard to beat. Some of the significant factors include-
Offering Timeless Appeal- Travertine has been used in some of the oldest architects still standing, displaying their beauty. One of the best examples is the Colosseum. To give your interiors a unique weathered aspect, you may select various grey, white, gold, tan, red, and brown alternatives.

Versatility- Not just for floorings, we can use travertine tiles for shower trays, wall facades and travertine pavers in outdoor areas like lawns, decks, patios, etc. to offer a seamless look.

Durability- Compared to marble and granite, travertine offers better durability. These are harder than marble and can withstand changes in temperature without cracking. They are perfect to be used in heavy foot traffic areas in your property in Sydney.

Cost- We know natural stones can offer you luxurious looks, but it comes at a price. But travertine tiles come at an affordable budget so that you can cherish the eyes and the feel of natural stone in your home and commercial areas.

Can You Use Travertine Tile for Bathrooms?

In simple words- Yes! We can use travertine tiles in bathrooms and other wet areas like your kitchen backsplash and even outdoors. However, since travertine tiles in Newcastle can be found in numerous finishing, finding the perfect finish would be critical for long-term use.

It’s a common misconception amongst the general public that since natural stones are porous, travertine tiles are not fit for wet areas, which is not valid. The selection of travertine tiles with the right finish and sealing will ensure your bathroom, sinks, and other regions will remain durable and sustainable for longer.

It would be sufficient if you also looked to get the installations done by trusted and reliable experts to get hassle-free installations and quality sealing of the tiles to elongate the tile life.

What to look for when purchasing travertine tiles and pavers for swimming pools?

When used in swimming pools in Newcastle, Sydney, travertine tiles and pavers will help you create a statement. They’ll give your outdoor space a bold and magnificent appearance; this will leave your visitors speechless! Adding contrasting pool coping tiles that match with the pool paving’s will complete the look of your swimming pool area.

While purchasing travertine tiles and pavers in Sydney, ensure the following-

Tile Quality- There are grades based on the quality of the travertine. Look for a seller like Get Tiles Online to offer you quality pieces at the best rates.

Finishing- With multiple finishes available such as polished, honed and filled or unfilled and tumbled. Out of these, unfilled and tumbled are best for outdoor areas.

Sealing/Maintenance- Ensure you buy the right sealer to improve the lifespan of the travertine tiles.

If you are in the market looking to buy travertine tiles and pavers in Newcastle, Sydney, or Australia wide, then Get Tiles Online is your perfect choice. Visit our website to choose from our fantastic range of travertine tiles and pavers that can be used for indoor and outdoor settings. You can also reach out to our customer-friendly experts on 02 9707 3132 or write to us at info@gettilesonline.com.au.