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Best Kitchen Splashback – Ultimate Guide

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the house. It is a place where nourishment is plated with love. It is one of the most functional areas and needs high efficiency. Every detail matters when we’re talking about the kitchen; however, we’re here to discuss splashback in particular and its vitality. Here, you will understand how to select the right kitchen tiles splashback for your house, enhancing efficiency and complimenting your overall decor without being a disturbance.

What is a Splashback?

A kitchen splashback is a space on your wall protected by a material such as acrylic, glass or tiles. The site mainly focuses on stoves and sinks; however, they can be applied to any kitchen part or even all. The splashback is an easy-to-clean space that shields your walls from splashes and taints that would usually mark, or damage painted or walls with wallpaper. 

Why Choose Tiles for Your Splashback?

Now that we’ve discussed splashback, let’s dig deeper into why it is best to select tiles for kitchen splashback and why you must consider large tiles when various materials are available in the market.

    • Durable: Tiles offer impressive durability when used in any area: bathroom walls, living room flooring, or a kitchen splashback. Porcelain tiles are widely deemed the most robust and most long-lasting tile available. This type of tile is also less absorbent, implying that it will soak less water – resulting in no marks from the unavoidable splashes and spills. 
    • Easy to Clean: One of the most influential factors to evaluate when assessing the process of your kitchen is how convenient it will be to clean. Since the kitchen is always active, you can’t control spills and splashes! Luckily, tiled splashbacks meet this need, too. To clean up splashes from pots and pans and maintain your backsplash daily, all you need is a wet sponge and cleaner of your choice.
    • Design:Compared to other splashback alternatives, such as acrylic or glass, tiles also offer a wide variety of design possibilities to suit your personality. The options are endless, from subway tiles to large-format and mosaic. Arrange your tiles in a herringbone design for a touch of style and refinement or opt for art-deco style fish scale tiles for a true statement.

What Kind Of Splashback Tiles Compliment My Kitchen?

Selecting the best tiles for kitchen splashbacks can be challenging, with a wide variety of small and large tiles. However, you can choose any tile that will suit your kitchen with a bit of consideration.  Though there are no set rules to selecting tiles for kitchen splashback, here are a few things one can consider while making their choice.

What kind of theme or mood would you like to create in your kitchen?

    • Rustic tiles give a warm, earthy, raw feel. 
    • Mosaic tiles allow you to display your inner artist by forming an intricate pattern.
    • You can have kitchen splashback tiles that effortlessly blend in with the rest of your kitchen design and hardly drag any attention towards them to make everything balanced. 
    • If you want something that attracts attention, you can select hues and designs and become your kitchen’s decor. 

A Guide to the Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Choose the right material

Some of the most standard materials for kitchen splashbacks include glass, stainless steel, tiles and stone marble.
If you wish to have a more traditional look, consider tiles or stone marble. Think about cleaning when you are selecting your splashback material. Mosaic tiles look attractive, but they are more challenging to clean than larger tiles for a kitchen backsplash since rarer joins and less grout to scrub. Large tile slab will solve the cleaning worries and give stunning and seamless look.

You can use the same material as your benchtop to get a better balance. Think about having a shorter splashback in lighter workspaces and a full-height splashback behind the cooking area where you put your utensils. It will look brighter and more modern.

Select the right colour

You will have already streamed down your alternatives if you have selected your benchtop material first.
Based on the material you choose, you may decide if you want your benchtop to be the centre of attention, in which case you should opt for a more muted, possibly even very minimal, splashback that won’t detract from the tabletop.
However, if you have a neutral-toned benchtop, you can select a feature colour for your splashback to add some character and a focal point to your kitchen. You can choose large tiles for kitchen splashback in vibrant colours to create a focal point.

Use your splashback to add extra light

Do you need something different in your kitchen? If the scope of your renovation will permit, why not get a splashback window, and let the outside view add colour to your kitchen. It is an easy to maintain option that adds natural light and shine to your work area during the day.
If the interior decoration doesn’t allow this, you can always add glass to the splashback, and it will reflect the light in your space, making it brighter.
If you already have enough light, you can select the best tiles for the kitchen splashback to balance the space.

Best Kitchen Splashback Tiles 

Choosing the best kitchen splashback tiles is a crucial decision for both functionality and aesthetics. These tiles not only protect your kitchen walls from splashes and stains but also add a touch of style to your culinary space. When selecting kitchen splashback tiles, consider your kitchen’s style, your personal taste, and the ease of maintenance. With the right choice, you can create a stunning focal point that enhances both the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.

Try a feature splashback.

You may have in your mind a bold splashback colour, an attractive material, or you may even want to select a glass splashback with a digitally casted picture. You can design the rest of your kitchen around it as it will be a focal point and attraction in your kitchen.

Though we discussed several alternatives, it is best to select cheap tiles for the kitchen splashback if you need something effortless and easy to maintain. If you’re already looking for large tiles for kitchen splashback, be sure to visit our website. You can contact us by calling at 0297073132 or emailing us at info@gettilesonline.com.au.