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5 Top Bathroom Tile Trend in 2022

Over the last couple of decades, home improvement trends have changed. People no longer see their bathrooms as just another room in the house that helps them maintain their hygiene. Nowadays, people recognise the potential behind remodelling their bathroom space in Australia. Unlike other rooms in your home, it doesn’t take much investment to renovate your bathroom. You can bring designer mosaic bathroom tiles or non-slip bathroom tiles from the nearest store. And that’s it; you are one step closer to remodelling your bathroom space. 

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you have a bathroom that’s large or relatively smaller in size. Regardless of its size or budget, you can give your bathroom a fresh start. People often find it challenging to choose the best bathroom wall tiles or floor tiles for their renovation project. 

This problem partially arises since there are endless options for bathroom walls & floor tiles in the market. You can only choose one or two patterns for your project and believe it or not; it often becomes a huge problem for homeowners to select these. But don’t you worry, we brought here 5 top bathroom tile trend 2022 for you.

Neutral and Light Shades for warm atmosphere

From the end of 2021, the interest and demands are increasing for tiles with light and neutral shades of grey, white, or beige. And we passionately believe that this trend would carry its momentum in this year’s catalogues as well.  This year, you will see more neutral-coloured interior designs and we have already seen some fabulous designs and patterned tiles with the reflection of this trend. 

In all honesty, these lighter bathroom tiles are homey and relaxed from whichever angle you look at them.

Large Format Tiles get even bigger

As we saw more and more interest in large format tiles throughout 2021, we expect this trend will continue even bigger in demand. Powered by this demand, the size of tiles are also getting bigger and bigger from 600x1200mm to 900x900mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x2400mm and 1200x27800mm. Now we have the biggest size of 1600x3200mm slab.

Large format tiles have less grout lines, reducing the time and stress on cleaning. A big bonus, hooray! Large Format bathroom wall tiles are not only making the small bathroom look bigger but also achieving luxurious hotel appearance with wow.

Terrazzo tiles not just reuse of stone offcuts

Terrazzo is originated 16 century Italy by chipping stone elements to cement to reuse stone offcuts. The fragments can be anything from stone to glass and these various colour chippings catch more people’s eyes. Not only with the natural stone, the development in porcelain tile design has made it easy to choose and install with terrazzo look porcelain tiles. 

2022 Terrazzo trend will continue with further development in colour and design of chips – from red to purple, small to big or bit of everything.

Subway tiles with lots of energy

White subway tiles have been always an easy option without failure. This may sound boring but don’t you worry. Subway tiles get more interesting and vibrant in shapes and colours and become another trend in 2022. 

The ancestor of subway tiles, Zellige seems leading this trend moving forward. From traditional hand crafted Moroccan clay tiles to these traditional Zellige look like factory made subway tiles, you will never get bored. If an imperfection is the charm of the real zellige tiles, imperfect like perfect factory made tiles would be an option for people who cannot bear those. Whichever you choose, you would feel that not a single piece is the same.

Linear and curves

Long, slim and linear shape of tiles were continuous blow in 2021 and it won’t die down in 2022. In fact, these flexible linear mosaic bathroom tiles are the best possible fixture on the curved surface of bathroom corners as these arch and curved structural design gets more popular. Name it, Finger, Kit-Kat, bamboo or Flute. You will hear this name more often than not this year again.